Coaches using your Diabetes against you

Ok I play Field hockey and my Diabetes always comes up as a issuse around my ability and how it affects my team ect . My coach always makes me feel guilty about my diabetes and says if my blood sugar is over a certain  amount  im not allowed to play he even had the team against me on this one . So my Question is because im trying out for a regional team should I tell the coaches that Im diabetic or wait till im on the team? I just don't want the reason for not making the team Diabetes

I think you SHOULD tell them.... dont keep it slient cuz that COULD harm you later on, especially if you bottomed out... then they wouldnt let you play at all. However, if You talk good care of yourself and they still dont let you play... that's DISCRIMINATION and they can be held liable for not letting a diabetic play... and I would but my lil 2 cents into that coach too haha we need a GOOD defense attorney for diabetics... hmmm ideas! ;) keep rockin it and go after your dreams!!

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hahah this is true . I take such good care of my diabetes out of fear of not being allowed to play if im outta range . But my mom stays at tryouts just in case so ....... I don't know what to do yet

Sorry to hear about your situation.  Not only are you trying to perform and train hard which is stressful but worried about you blood sugar levels.  I wreslted in high school and college and although my coaches were aware of me being diabetic I was always responsible for managing it.  I would or could stop practicing if needing to tests my blood sugar.  I tried to make sure I was in good range before a match or practice but sometimes as you know blood sugars change.  This was also probably 15 years ago so the pump wasn't too popular or I don't know if it was even in exsistance.  I didn't use one nun the less. 

Your diabetes should not be your coaches issue unless you make it.  Having your mom around takes some of the responsibiltiy off your coach which could work in your favor.  Just like the other person posted don't let them descriminate against you because your diabetic. 

I wouldn't mention it at tryouts. I'd do everything i need to - test, bolus, etc, but not make a big deal out if it. Then, after making the team, I'd tell the coach, and still not make it a big deal, just a heads-up. Good luck!

The only time someone can use your diabetes against you in sports is when you let them. Go out there and outperform everyone and they won't have a chance but notice you and choose you for the team.

That being said, it's dangerous for noone to know what is wrong with you if something happens. A coach will be happy when you confidently tell them you have diabetes and you manage it and it's under control, but if you drop on the field to make sure someone knows to give you sugar; or if you need to go get sugar because of a low that he/she understands why you've left the field or drill. What a coach doesn't want is for someone to tell them they have to be responsible for you and take care of or worry about a players issues - they have enough on their plate. If there is a team trainer that is the one to have this conversation with, privately, and alone. Be confident and reinforce that you can take care of it.

In the end, it is your responsibility to take care of yourself and ensure that you are prepared and in the position to practice/play safely and to your full potential, and that starts the night before the event. Eat right, plan your insulin accordingly, and you'll do fine. Just be prepared for the twists that always get thrown at us!

I play soccer and my first day out of the hospital my parents walked my coach through what to do if i passed out. My point of view is that as long as I control it well it is none of anyone's business. I told my coach as much as politely as possible and i don't have any problems. Maybe you could try and tell your coach that he is crossing your personal boundaries and that you have a problem with that and see how it goes. Best of luck!

What your coach does is sooooooo unfair! I think you should tell the coaches but explain to them that you have everything under control, like say, " I have diabetes, but I have it under control so you don't need to worry about it."

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says if my blood sugar is over a certain  amount  im not allowed to play

What's the number?  As a coach, I wouldn't want to play someone with a BG of 450 and on their way to DKA (or 120 w/5u IOB and little COB).  But if you're 250 and stable, there is no reason not to play.

It's 10 so 180 or up but the thing is 180 is a good number for me to be at when i exercise