Getting low at a game or practice

im laura. and i play varsity field hockey for my school. and i used to play basketball. even when its not field hockey season i still go out and do a lot of other sports(soccer and football mainly) but i know that when i get low at practice all my teammates think im very entertaining haha. but i feel bad especially during a game. most of the time i try and prevent it but sometimes i just cant and it sucks. i know the girls on my team get that why im not playing and they're always so great about and make me laugh. and make fun of all the stupid things i do. haha. but i love em and i know that if i was ever in real trouble that they'd be there. and it was great having them to because a lot of them we're really intersted in my diabetes and the pump.

Hey! I'm Sarah and I am a competitive figure skater... I skate four to five times a week and I go to the Y four times a week (Yay Zumba!!) I do a disconnect bolus before I skate and make sure to check it evey 90 minutes or if I am feeling low. ALWAYS make sure you have a low snack with you... It is the worse feeling to know that you are about to pass out and to not have something handy. Also, I have been told by my doctors to not work out if your sugar is too high. It can mess you up and end up with you getting hurt so just be careful! =]

I hate when my sugar goes lowat games and practises. It is imbarrising and annoying! But it is nothing we can not fix!!!!!!

Hey im Megan i play varsity field hockey too what i usuly do is just ignore the low untill a break, because like honostly your really not going to pass out untill your blood suger is like 15. but what i use for low snacks is these little bottles of welches grape juice that have 50 carbs each their really easy to drink and shoot your blood suger right up! but ya i also disconected my pump and if i have juice at water breaks my blood suger almost never gets under 40. im not sure this is helpful at all but whatever


Hey I'm Allie- I used to play on the varsity softball and volleyball teams for my highschool. Now i'm a sophomore in college and I still love to play competitive volleyball . I had a couple of low blood sugar moments when I played in both practices and games.... one time it was during nationals for volleyball and I was the only setter!! It was not good. I wouldn't wait til your very low to act on it which was mentioned before everyones different and when I pass a certain point I have no control over what I do. I just found it helpful to carry starbursts on me, they were quick and got me back into the games fast! Also if your working hard and know your going to have your blood sugars drop try drinking gatorade during games and practices.