Best patch for G6?

I’m needing to order some supplies so my sensors stay in for a minimal of 10 days. What patches do you recommend? Do you also use an adhesive barrier? I was looking at the Fixic patch and not sure if I really need the adhesive barrier as well. Kind of on a tight budget as I’m sure many of us are.

The best patch is honestly the free ones straight from Dexcom. Just call their customer support phone line and they’ll ship them to you. That being said, I love rocking my USA flag ones by Fixic, but I don’t recommend that for being good quality. They only last about an additional 2-3 days.

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Are they the best because they are free or because of their quality?

If you exercise/sweat much, Skin Grip custom-fit overlays work great for me. I extend my G6 because I’m not covered by insurance. After I insert the sensor, I apply Skin Tac around it, then put on a Skin Grip. That combo will stay on over 20 days, with no irritation, for me. Also see Diabetes Strong reviews.

Both. Best quality and free. Sounds too good to be true I know.

I use StayPut Medical… those bad boys on my G6 will last me the whole 10 days, and thats including through lifeguarding, volleyball, and soccer practice. Theyre totally worth it!

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I will be starting my dexcom this weekend. Does anyone have any tips to help this go as smooth as possible

All of the responses were so helpful. I ordered these rediculous blue ones on amazon and they are giant. My son hates them lol

Hi Samantha @swilliams1976, I began using a Dexcom G5 about a year ago. Very simple and didn’t have any problems - I had read the printed material posted by Dexcom and watched a few videos.

The one area that took me a while was getting the transmitter locked into the sensor mount. Now, it is simple; I just make certain that the “nose” - the thinner end - gets fitted snugly in and then push down on the entire transmitter. Now I’ve got it good and often hear the “two clicks” signifying it is locked before I lift the little locking assist handle.

Good lick with your CGM - it has helped me greatly lower my standard deviation and significantly increase my time-in-range.

We have tried the Pump Peelz, and I have to agree that the Dexcom ones directly from Dexcom are the BEST, not as fun as the Pump Peelz, but they definately last!!!

Numbing cream helps a lot! At least it does for my 11 year old daughter.

I really like expressionmed they stay on very well. I have had my Dexcom on for 21 days and it hasn’t even started peeling off!

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I use a Skintac wipe on the site before I insert. This usually allows me to wear a sensor (Dexcom G4) for 21-28 days.

My daughter is on a swim team, plays outdoor sports, and works as a lifeguard. Lots of wet & sweat! She wears her Dexicom for 2 weeks using Griff Grips. They have special ones made to fit the Dexi sensor. Sometimes she uses a Skin-tack wipe underneath but usually not.

I love the adhesives from ExpressionMed. I love the water–lakes, showers, pool, you name it–and they hold up really well! Grif Grips is another good company but I’ve found that I have to use skin tac with them because the edges always start coming up about 2 days in to wearing them. This hasn’t happened with the ExpressionMed tapes however.

Hey Ryan,

The ones that come with the sensor have been great for me until summer hit and I was in and out of water more and sweating through activities…I used smith&nephew IV3000 which are not free, in fact a bit on the pricey side but I only need them for the summer so one order will last likely a couple of years. They are intended for IV sites so they are medical grade. Something to ponder as a last resort perhaps. Good luck!

So when I order my DeX I ask for patches and them send them for free

Great post! Can someone please tell me how to extend the G6 past 10days? Thanks!

This is the site I used for instructions:

Yes, that’s correct, if you order directly from Dexcom. If you order from a pharmacy, you need to call Dexcom directly and ask for the patches and they will send for free.