Cgm tape loosing stickness

Hey all-
So I’ve seen this somewhere but forgive me, I couldn’t find the thread. My cgm is wonderful but the tape has been coming loose not only making it even less subtle under clothing than it already is, but I am also finding I’m loosing a day or two of sensor use as it becomes uncomfortable and almost falls off. Any tips how to either get the tape to stay for the week or another tape I can put over it? Thanks! Also off topic but anyone use the 90 day implantable sensor ?

I had the same problem and tried alcohol wipe on my skin before application and it has helped considerably.

I recommend SkinTac! It’s a great product that you apply before inserting the sensor; you can find it on Amazon. ASillyPatch is also a great company that makes adhesive patches for CGMs.

Thank you both very much!

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We use SkinTac when necessary. Generally we apply it several days into it when needed and it holds up.

Hi Michelle,

My son had issues with his Dexcom G5, and we tried a number of different things, but one of the most effective was stretching the skin just a bit as you apply the sensor. This prevents the patch from pulling away when you’re moving around.

We also went through several skin prep brands: Mastisol, SkinTac, Cavilon, Smith & Nephew Skin Prep; each brand uses a slightly different formula, and you may find they irritate your skin. Adhesive remover swabs can help with this.

Best wishes.

Dexcom gives tape for the G6. They don’t want to replaces sensors, so they’ll send you a bunch for free if you ask. Fits perfectly around the sensor.

I’ve been using Simpatch bandages. They’re not perfect - I sometimes I have to replace them halfway through - but they’ve helped a lot with keeping my Libre on for the full 10 days. Without the bandages I think they’d be falling off every 3 or 4 days.

Thank you all for the great answers and help!

depends on quality of tape. Dexcom will hold up two weeks if you clean the site with alcohol before inserting the sensor (let the site dry before inserting). When I had Medtronic CGM, it required a hard to apply special sticky cover over the sensor’s own tape. It was a lousy arrangement. I don’t think they have real engineers at Medtronic for the mechanical aspects. they certainly don’t try prototypes out on diabetics, as they would get really negative feedback.

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How long does a g6 sensor last? My g5 lasts up to 3 weeks with no special tape added.

The G6 shuts off after 10 days, you can’t restart it like the G5. Only real drawback. Not having to calibrate is AWESOME.

I generally use a alcohol wipe first, followed by a skin prep wipe. Helps get it a bit sticky but the skintac (I use the big bottle - lots cheaper) both keeps it sticky and prevents the adhesive from irritating my skin. I do buy expression med tape (or other versions of the tape/patch) to keep it going for several weeks (still have the G5). You can both reapply the tape with the skintac or apply another patch if the first doesn’t stay on. Just keep the alcohol handy for skintac removal as it is very sticky!