Android Watch

Hello, I am looking for recommendations for a smartwatch that my daughter can wear that works with the Dexcom g6 app. She currently is using her Samsung phone for her BG readings. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you

Hi. I can’t answer your question, I’m an Apple user. If you use Facebook, I’d suggest you search for and join a Dexcom G6 group. They could answer your question very quickly.

Like @mikefarley I use Apple but here’s a link that might help you out. Happy hunting!
UPDATE 11/27 - I removed the link I embedded before. I just went to check something out and got something about being a possible winner… Don’t know what happened with the original one but hopefully you find what you needed. Apologies.

@mikefarley Thank you for your suggestion.

@wadawabbit Thank you for your suggestion. I’ll definitely check out the article.

I have a Fitbit Versa 3 that works well with a specific clock face that not only shows your current bg, but also the trend over the past 3 hours.