A1C target for pregnancy?

My doctor has told me that I should shoot for an A1C of 6 for pregnancy, but I have heard everything from 5.5-6.5 from other doctors.  

Is this realistic?  I was wondering if any Mom's out there could tell me what their A1C's were/are?

Thanks! :)

My doc always said that my A1C needed to be below 7. In my first pregnancy, I think it was around 6.8 when we concieved. I was really worried this pregnancy, because a few months before I got pregnant, I had my highest A1C ever, at 7.2, but when they rechecked after I found out I was expecting, it was 6.5 (SUCH a relief!).

From my first pregnancy, I can tell you that in your 1st trimester, your sugars will be insane, just from the stress that you are putting on yourself, but relax, you will be surprised by how well you are in control of your sugars. The last trimester is the hardest, you will be taking SO much insulin, but I want to say my A1C was in the 5's!!

I just found out 1 1/2 weeks ago that I am pregnant. I'm 6 weeks pregnant now. I had been working very hard to bring my A1c below 6.5. Last fall I had an A1c of 7 and was able to bring it down to 6.3 this February. That is when my husband and I felt comfortable to start trying. Luckily we got pregnant right away (my first pregnancy). When they measured my A1c again last week, I was 5.9. This is the lowest I have ever been. I usually would always be around 7 or higher. I have to admit that I am having a lot of low's. The CGM is helpful, but I still measure every 2 hours and keep a close look on things. 

Depending who you speak to, you may get different answers. Choose a goal that you are comfortable with. I think 6.5 and below is a good place to be. Good luck. 


I'm 12 weeks along now and had pre-pregnancy A1C's of 6-6.5.  Now, with the close watch on my bloodsugars I'm down at 5.8, so that's fun!  You will have to keep a real close eye on your sugars during pregnancy so I wouldn't worry about the specific numbers.  Your docs will keep an eye on you and make sure you don't have too many highs.

I just recently start trying to conceive and my doctor said my A1C should be below 6.5 and this month mine was 6.3 so hopefully it won't take me too long to get pregnant! He did say the closer to 6 the better.

I agree with your doctor. I am pregnant for the second time, and my goal is an AIC of 6 or below. With my first pregnancy my last AIC before deliverying was 5.3%. This is possible with a lot of hard work, but boy is it soooo worth it when you see that wonderful little one :). I also work at a diabetes center with an Endocrinologist who specializes in diabetes in pregnancy, and she would like to see no higher than a 6.5% AIC before trying to conceive if at all possible.

The first trimester is a concern for a lot of low blood sugars, and then you are preventing elevated blood sugars for the second and third trimesters due to the increase in placenta hormones.

I wish you tight blood sugar control and happiness!

I kept my A1C below 6 - 1 year prior to conceiving.  Once pregnant my A1C were in the low 5's.  The year prior I began faxing my results to my diabetic educator once a week just to get me right on track.     I tested sometime every hour.  It got to the point that I didn't even have to lance my fingers.  Just had to apply a little pressure and I would get blood from a few pre-existing holes.  (My parent's thought it was pretty funny).  But I really put the time and effort in and the end result was an uneventful pregnancy and a beautiful full term 9lb, 24" boy!!! (The 9lbs wasn't a result of the diabetes, I, myself, was 8lbs, 13oz.   We are just big people).   

I have just delivered my second little one.  I have managed diabetes for 30 YEARS.  I am so happy to see all of your A1c's so low.  I had to work so hard to get mine below 7.  I did it though, and both children were incredibly healthy.  The lower the better of course.


During my first trimester, I had to cut my long lasting insulin and ratios of fast acting in half, but by month 7, I was taking almost 1/3 more than when I wasn't pregnant.  Please let me know if you have any other questions as I wish I had someone to discuss things like this with when I was pregnant...

I am 20 weeks pregnant and have had the following A1C's:

6.0 @ conception, 5.5 during 1st tri, 5.4 during 2nd tri. It's definitely possible! I've tested 10 times a day, fax in my BG to my doctor weekly for adjustments, wear a pump and a CGMS, and try to avoid the worst foods that I can't control (ie, pizza & sushi) and have been pretty successful. I haven't been perfect either - I've had my fair share of sweets. :)

My endo said an a1c below 7.0 before pregnancy.  And I am here to say that it is possible (I used to be in the category of women thinking they could NEVER do that).  My husband and I had hoped to try to conceive this summer, so I had my a1c down to 6.0 and then at 5.6, but we have decided to wait a little longer to begin trying due to some other personal stuff that has been happening.  I hope I can keep my a1cs down until we start trying, but at least I have proven to myself that I can get my a1c below 7.0.  Obviously the closer to "normal" range for an a1c the better, but 7.0 or less was what my endo thought was reasonable.

Best of luck!



It's so great to hear that all of you have been so successful at lowering your A1C! I'm hoping for one under 7.0% this month!