A1C's before pregnant

What was everyones A1C before getting pregnant? How did your pregnancy go?!



TiffS I am at a 9 now and I also want to get pregnant in the near future. However I know I have to get my A1C down as soon as possible! ;0(

Your doctors will have their goals, but I'd say a general consensus I've seen out here on Juvenation over the last few years I've seen has been as close as you can get to or below 6!      

Adriane- I am at a 7.8 and DEF working to get mine down too! I want to start TTC by march! So I am hoping to get my a1c under 7 and closer to 6.5 by then! I know what you're going through!

Hi! I have been hard at work trying to get mine down as well. I wanted to start TTC this past summer but those plans were put on hold when I tested my A1C and it was 8.9 in July. I took it down ot 7.8 by September. I started the pump in September and just tested at 6.3 last week. Almost there! My Endo wants me under 6 for a few months before starting.

I was 5.7% and I am 12 weeks along, things are going wonderfully so far

My endo said that she would like me to have an a1c of 6.5 preconception and then as close to 6 after i get pregnant! I REALLY want to start trying in Feb!  I am working my best to keep my blood sugars low! Baby fever is taking overrr!!haha I feel like once i get pregnant it will be easier to keep my sugars in check more than now. did anyone feel like that?

I was 6.9 before pregnancy which my OB and endo both seem happy with. Of course, the lower the better (although I think my endo worries that much below 6 might mean too many lows... I'm on multiple injections, not a pump). I am now 27 weeks and my last AIC was 6.2 which they were also fine with. I started getting insulin resistance at 20 weeks, and have doubled my insulin in take. For breakfast and dinner I take 1unit per 3g carbs!! At lunch it's 1:4.

" I feel like once i get pregnant it will be easier to keep my sugars in check"

I don't want to alarm you, but I think you should know it will be much more difficult to keep your blood glucose levels inline once pregnant.  Right now - you control everything.  After pregnant, there's this other human who actually causes quite a bit of havoc on how carbs & insulin are absorbed/used.   I dont' want to scare you, and I know you are trying your best now... but the reality is it will get more difficult after pregnancy.     And all the work you do now will only help you once pregnant.

The only thing that does make it a little easier to have a lower A1C in pregnancy is that you don't feel lows quite as much, so it's okay to get down to 60 during pregnancy even though normally you might feel shaky at that BG level.

My diabetes was not well-controlled prior to becoming pregnant, with an A1C of 7.6, but it has since come down to 5.9 and the pregnancy is going very well so far (33 weeks along now) with no complications (knock on wood) and the baby and my weight gain measuring right on target, but I have been very fortunate I think. I don't know what my endo would have wanted my A1C to be but I know he's very happy with my 5.9 now.

Good luck!

My first pregnancy I was a 5.8%- I was diagnosed with diabetes at 6 wks along and they assumed I was type 2  because "adults don't get type 1".  I was on pens and a strict diet.  My son was born at 39 wks and was 8 lbs 13 oz.  I was throwing ketones my entire pregnancy and had glucose in my urine the entire time.  Spent a lot of time getting IV fluids in the hospital too and lost 30 lbs.  Not really A1C related...  Baby boy was fine though.

This time, my starting A1C was a 5.4% and my most recent was a 4.7%.  Pregnancy has gone pretty well, from 30 wks on has been hard.  He is measuring big and I have extra amniotic fluid.  B/c my A1C was so good the docs don't blame diabetes which is nice.  Some people are just destined to have bigger babies.    

KAtie-  I understand it will be a LOT more work and i am prepared!! I just meant "easy" in sense that I will be more responsive to my highs and lows and check more often once i know I am pregnant!

TiffS me 2! I am so ready to start and my fiancee' is as well and he is a diabetic to! I have buckled down and am working towards my goal!

yay!! I am super excited! I wish we didnt have to wait but we are going to bc we want as little of complications as possible!! What was your last a1c at adriane?!

8.5, the pump has really made a difference for me even though I was very reluctant in the beginning to even get on it.  Before going on the pump my A1C was a 12 and I went on in July and have made it down to an 8 already so I am extremely proud of my progress.  Yeah I really an anxious but I know that waiting and getting down to a 6 is going to be best for my future child and I.  We will work on it together TiffS. Keep me posted and I will do the same.

I will def keep you posted Adriane! :)

Adults can be a type 1. I was diagnosed at age 27 with type 1. Yes it is more common in children but can happen in adulthood

adults are actually the fastest growing group of type 1's out there right now.  i was 27 when diagnosed as well- after delivering the docs realized their misdiagnosis.  sadly, many docs are not well versed in diabetes and i just happened to have one of them when i was pregnant the first time.  i just cannot believe that a doc actually said  "adults don't get type 1" to me.  so sad.  needless to say i do not see that doc anymore- and i have learned to ask LOTS of questions and be my own medical advocate.  my poor docs now must hate me.

I was 6.2 before pregnancy, and then I trained for and ran a marathon. My A1C jumped to 6.5 during this period, but I wasn't concerned because my husband was out of state and we didn't expect to become pregnant while he was gone...but we got pregnanct right before he left! Ran a marathon at hree weeks pregnant without knowing it :-) Now (at 16 weeks), my A1C is 6.6, but my doc's not worried. Still, my personal goal is 6.0, so I'm working toward that now.

My A1C was 8.9 when I found out I was pregnant back in September (was not an expected pregnancy) but now at 22 weeks, it's down to a 5.9 and plan on keeping it there!