Attempting first pregnancy! Brittle diabetic

Hi, I am new to husband and I have been married about a year and a half and are discussing becoming pregnant. I have been a brittle diabetic and have only been in the 7s (A1C) a few times the whole time I have been diabetic. I have been doing extremely well at handling my BG levels lately and was wondering where others have been when they conceived? I have read a lot of people being in the 6, but that makes me nervous. I usually run high, but like I said have been doing really goal is to be low 7s.


opinions? advice? anything is greatly appreciated!! I am very happy my husband introduced me to this site!


I am glad you joined us and if you need anything please let me know!

I was actually 8.9 at conception but, quickly got it down to 7.2 in two months, and by month 3 I was 6.1 and I ran in the 6's the entire pregnancy. Now having said that, no way do I recommend that you start trying with an 8.9 A1c. I was paranoid until my blood came down into baby range.

If you want to get your numbers down I suggest you talk to your doctor and CDE on a weekly basis to help you make any adjustments you need. That is what helped me get it down so fast. Had I done that before I think I wouldnt have been an 8.9 before but, I have no regrets because my pregnancy was complication free and I had a fat little healthy baby boy on November 5, 2012!

Hi, welcome! I saw this, and wanted to chime in that whatever has happened in the past will be nothing like your BG's during pregnancy. So, even if it's been tough in the past, doesn't mean you can't do it during pregnancy. I found with increased monitoring (by myself and doctors) and increased motivation, my BG's were actually more stable than usual except during the 1st trimester. I was 6.5 (I think, can't remember) when conceived, but 5's during pregnancy. Good luck!! It's sounds like you're on the right track!

Not even sure what "brittle" means, but you sound like you're a poster child for good diabetes control if your A1cs have been in the 7's.  I'd be thrilled if I'd done that well!  

I mistakenly thought that my diabetes made pregnancy a bad idea.  After having a healthy pregnancy and child, wish I had know how possible it is.  I'm nothing special and had diabetes 28 years when I became pregnant, with really terrible control during my teen years (A1cs of 14).  But I had a very healthy pregnancy and now after 35 years with diabetes still have no complications.

Before pregnancy my A1c was 7.  I knew I was pregnant right away and tightened up my control.  I wanted a non-diabetic A1c and aimed for a target blood sugar of 80 and tested often to avoid lows.   I carb counted carefully, bolused a few minutes before eating, then tested an hour later to see if more was needed.  I didn't restrict what I ate, but ate much healthier during pregnancy.  

Within about 6 weeks of conceiving I had it at 5.1 and kept it there for the duration of the pregnancy.  That was mostly thanks to my insulin pump.  

My son is now in 1st grade and in the years since he was born I have returned to 6.5 - 6.9 A1cs.  

Thank you everyone! I haven't been in good control in the past (A1Cs of 8 and 9) only in the 7s a few times, but wanting to get pregnant has been a big motivation for me to have better control. I am hoping when I go to the doctors this month that I am in the low 7s....I would be thrilled! Unfortunately I will also have to be put on a medication to help conceive, that is why I am starting to get in better control now. All of this really helps and I find it very informative to read everyone's posts!