Surprise! I’m pregnant

Hey all,

So previously this year I made a post here asking for advice regarding pregnancy with diabetes, mainly managing higher blood sugars. At that time my husband and I were talking about children and I wanted to do as much research to prepare myself for when that time came. Which apparently is sooner than I thought.

I found out I was pregnant last week, a total surprise to me. Thankfully we discovered incredibly early (I’m about 3/4 weeks) and before conceiving I was already working to lower my A1C. It’s still too high (currently 8.7) but that’s a lot better than it was in September of this year (10.3) so I’m still incredibly happy it’s come down so much. Currently I’m wearing my CGM again and monitoring my sugars constantly. I’m also working towards getting an insulin pump that interacts with my CGM vs. the Omni Pod I have.

My current target range is 70-140. I know I need to tighten that to 70-120 but right now that feels impossible and I don’t want to overwhelm myself by constantly failing to meet my goals.

I guess I’m mainly asking for advice again. Anything you have to give would be appreciated. What are your tips and tricks to keeping those sugars down? What was your target range during pregnancy? And PLEASE what were your go to snacks? I am constantly hungry and I feel like I can’t eat anything.


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Best Wishes for you Becca @beccaksmiley and for your husband and your growing family too. Surprises like this can be so wonderful.

I remember reading how you were really trying to manage your diabetes better - and it looks as if you are moving in the right direction. Did your doctor and you set the 70-140 target for you? If you could stay within that range it would be an awesome 6.0 Hb A1c; to me the 70-120 sounds unreasonably low and dangerous. But if your care team advises, who am I to say.

Key point, keep yourself healthy, use your CGM wisely - watch it for trends and as you see something take informed action; small insulin bolus to keep you from going too high and small snacks if the trend is going down. You do want to avoid hypoglycemic [low] events and of course hyper [high] events too.

I’ve never been pregnant so I can’t share my “go to” snacks. My wish - enjoy this glorious event, I’ll keep you in my prayers.

Congratulations!! I have had two children and pregnancy was tough, but doable. :slight_smile: I’ve written about my pregnancies with T1D here (the posts about my daughter and the posts about my son), if you want to take a look.

But as far as snacks? I was a big fan of salads. Spinach with cucumbers and some vinaigrette dressing helped me keep from carb loading. Same with almonds. And ginger tea.

I hope you’re feeling well and enjoying your pregnancy. Congratulations again!!