55th Diaversary!

Hello everyone!

I just passed my 55th Diaversary on July 28-29 Sorry, I’m not sure which date - - I was only 2 1/2 yrs when it happened and my mom always told me I was diagnosed in August for years. lol! I went to the hospital to look up my records @30 yrs ago because I had a question. My diagnosis was actually the end of July. I just forget which day. Regardless, I have now been living with this disease for 55 years with no complications!

Pam K.


Congratulations Pam!!! @pamcklein -

After sooooo long, what difference does one day make, or for that matter a couple of years either way. The good news is that you are here to tell us and you do a wonderful service for this community with all your tips and sharing with others.

Thanks for being you!

Great work @pamcklein Pam K

Hi Pam, Congratulations, After 55 years what difference does a day, month, or year make, just glad you made it. Good going and CONGRATULATIONS again, I am shouting it from the roof tops, metaphorically speaking of course. Have a great day I am in my 66th year so welcome to the over 50 club. Have a great day, bye Jan


You have me beat by one year. I was diagnosed November 29. The Saturday after Thanksgiving. I was 10. I have some retinopathy but that’s it. I’m 64.

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Awesome! , I just hit 40 years, no complications !! I guess its something to be proud of ! Lol

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Louislucido: It definitely is something to be proud of! Are you aware that Eli Lilly and Joslin both give out awards? If not, check them out.

Pam K

Thanks to you all!

Wow!! That’s so inspiring and impressive!! 55 years with no complications. I love to see that it is doable and that we can live healthy, full, long lives while managing this difficult disease. Thank you so much for posting! You’re my role model!!

Wow!! You’re so amazing!!!

66 years?!? I’m awestruck and so insanely impressed!!

Thank you all for your responses! It’s funny, when I was diagnosed at 2 1/2 I was too young to understand the dangers. Then, in jr. high I did a research paper on diabetes. It was then that I found out that D reduces life expectancy by 20% (then, anyway). Well, I did the math and figured that if I lived to 50 yrs and was healthy I was going to celebrate 50 and every year thereafter. That is exactly what I have been doing and will continue to do!

Thanks again! It’s great to have the kind of support I find here on the message boards!


Congratulations 4 making it this far🥳
I had my 47th anniversary in April and sometimes I can’t believe I’m still here😱
Here’s to another 25 yrs​:champagne::clinking_glasses: with a cure coming during that time.

Thanks Pennylane… I know exactly what you mean. Cheers!


What a wonderful feeling you must have! I have been a T1 diabetic for 55 plus 2 years…when you get to this many…2 years makes very little difference. I owe it all to my endocrinologist who suggested a pump for me. Congrats to you! Also I became a T1 in August!

@Deb7171 Welcome Debra to the JDRF TypeOneNation Forum! I hope that you enjoy your visit here and really look forward to hearing you share your success story and for you to encourage the “newbies” and offer what you have learned. Congratulations on your 55+++ years; are you a Joslin Medalists.

There are some active members here who have many more “diabetes years” under their belts than you and I - I was diagnosed in 1957 - and I have grown from tips they [and other members] offer.

Thank you Debra.
Dennis: No, I am not, at least not yet! I have my Lilly medal, but haven’t managed to get the paperwork in to Joslin yet.

Pam K.

I have two problems which doctors say may or may not be complications of Type One - Celiac disease and Bladder Neuropathy, but have accepted these medical problems for numerous years and live with them as a matter of fact. I am currently 89+ with over 74 years with Type One including over 30 years without any research or real tools to help control my diabetes. In the early 1980s I did acquire a blood glucose monitor which was Heaven to me followed by an insulin pump and then a CGM in latter years. These tools have been a God send for me and am hoping for more good tools as I go into my 90s.

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Happy anniversary and congratulations!!

Keep up the great work, Leon @rlu5300 .
Wish you success well into your nineties.