It's been 30 years

Merry Christmas everyone! As I was sitting around wrapping gifts I realized that I passed a milestone this past week. It has been 30 years since I was diagnosed. I was 6 at the time and do not remember the exact date, but I remember going home on Christmas Eve after a week or so in the hospital. So it must have been my anniversary one of these past few days. 30 years, no complications, living healthy, living strong, volunteering time to JDRF to help those around me with children recently diagnosed, and very proud of myself. I think we often forget to look at the good side of this disease and I just wanted to share my good news with all of you, because I feel like we are all family.

I am blessed in every way possible and plan on getting that gold medal when I reach 50 years. If only I could remember what company it is that gives that out. I have a 6 year old that also has Type 1 and follows in my footsteps with her habits, and I hope she can go 30 years complication free as well.

Have a wonderful holiday everyone and I wish you all health and happiness! Thanks for letting pat myself on the back!

Joslin Diabetes Center gives out the medal! You and I both plan on getting one :o)

Congratulations on making it so far with D and living a beautiful, healthy life. People like you who stay positive about it inspire me and make me smile. I feel lucky to "know" you and have you around to talk to.

Yesterday was my 21st anniversary with D. Definitely not as impressive as 30, but you definitely give me hope I can make it perfectly fine to 30 years with no troubles :D I wrote a blog about it, if you are interested in reading it. As someone who has lived longer with D, I welcome your comments or suggestions or any thoughts you have! (

Congratulations again! Here's to another happy, healthy 30 years :D *raises glass*

Congratulations! Even though it's hard work, it sounds like it's help you see what's important and appreciate life!

I'll have my 29th d-versary in Feb, so I'm following you towards 30. (; I'm glad to hear someone else who isn't sure of the exact date. I was 4, and I just know it was mid February... But, maybe it helps me not focus on it too much in Feb?

Wow, you totally amaze me!  I am inspired. October was my 5th year and I'll be honest, 25 more seems like forever, let alone another 45 to get that Golden 50!  I hope I have the strength both physically and emotionally to do what you are doing....especially since you are also the mother of a T1 diabetic! Congratulations!

Awesome! 30 years with no complications and a good life. It is possible to be a person with Type 1 and have  a blessed life. I was diagnosed at age 18 (apparently was considered a "late bloomer" back then) in 1974. Just graduated from high school. Boy, the changes and advancements in diabetes care have sure helped. I too am complication-free and am working toward that 50 year goal also. I too feel blessed. It's not always easy or free of frustrations, but having good support makes a big difference.

This is my first day as a member for the juvenation community. I am looking forward to being a "long-life" member.

Congratulations on 30 years. It is something to be proud of just on it's own merit, but to have no complications, also, is no small feat. I have had type 1 for 42 years and August 9 or 10 will be my 43 d-versary, also with no complications from diabetes. Keep up the positive attitude and remember we are not the only ones with diabetes.