Winter time = Cold feet

I said something about this to my mom the other day when we want to town, we were going into Pizza Hurt, And I said "Mom why is that when I go ouside my feet get cold and stay cold intell I am back in the House or inside were it is hot" She said "Cause you have diabetes" Than my dad said maybe it cause you are skinney" i told that no matter what i am always have cold feet when I go ouside even when I have shoes on. I thought that i would post this on here, and see if any one had this promble too.

Honestly, I doubt it's related to diabetes. It could just be you, some people's body gets colder then others. I've never had this problem, but who knows. I just don't think it's related to your feet. I always have cold hands but it's always been like that. It's nothing to worry about I'm sure. :)

I have really cold feet and hands almost all the time, even indoors. I'm pretty sure it's because I'm thin so I don't conserve as much body heat as most people who are bigger than me :)

I also have the same problem. My feet are ALWAYS ice cold, even when i'm inside with socks on...Middle of the summer in Texas heat, still ice cold too!

it could just be because it's cold out. and it's natural to be cold. 


i'm observant.

wear more layers. that could help.

Mine are cold all the time too.  I was just diagnosed almost 3 years ago, and they were definitely cold before that too... ah crappy circulation and freezing Canadian prairie winters.

I get cold feet all the time in the winter. I found out I have bad circulation in my feet. And that sometimes is related to dunno.

Maybe you should ask your doctor about it to see if s/he thinks it might be because of bad circulation which, as a few other people mentioned, can be related to diabetes.  My feet and hands are always cold too.  I figured it was just because it's freezing outside right now and I am thin.

Thanks you all, I thin that when I go to my diabetes doccter in Feb that i will ask them about it but I do have to say that i was in WVA last night and it was like 9 F or below that or something, I had shoes realy shoe on for like running or walking, And when were walking back to the truck and I don think that my feet really got that cold, My hands get cold too like when I am in the back room and I been on the compter alot and my right hand will be ice cold when i put it to my face or something that is really warme.

Ya that just sounds like some circulation issues. It happens to just about everyone when you are on the computer too long without exercising.

As for helping out your feet always get lots of exercise and wear wool socks if you can. It really helps a lot.

I don't think it's because you have diabetes.  I don't have diabetes and my feet are always cold, and my daughter who is diabetic her feet are also cold.  It is also cold where we live too.  I will have cold feet in the middle of the summer.

female = cold hands and feet. Notice there are no men here complaining of this. I have an employee that uses a space heater in the summer! Unless it is 85 she is shivering. 


ya same here, well grant it i live in Pennsylvania where winter is cold...

I don't have diabetes and have cold feet and hands a lot. I will touch my husband's arm and then he grabs my wrist to check if I still have a pulse. ;) He calls them death hands - but then says that he thinks my hands would get warmer if I was dead - they would then be room temp. LOL. (kind of morbid but it always makes me laugh.) AND, all the women in my family are that way.

It can be circulation problems from sitting too long or resting your wrist on the computer/table. That is why it might just be your right hand sometimes. Then it is just because you are putting too much pressure on the vessels that bring blood to your hand. There are other medical conditions that can cause cold hands and feet, so it is worth mentioning to your doctor.

Other than that, I have just learned that I can't be too proud to wear thick socks or big boots in the winter. I also find that if I wear long underwear on my legs, that my feet stay warmer - even if I'm wearing dress shoes. You can find long underwear and sock liners that are really thin but REALLY work.

I have had cold feet for YEARS!  My husband says he can always tell what season it is by what I wear to bed (first the flannels, then the longer socks, etc but there are ALWAYS socks on my feet).  My endo double checked my circulation in my feet and it was fine.  She said that I probably just naturally have colder feet.  One thing I have found that helps me a lot, is to put baby powder (or deoderant) on my feet.  The less moisture, the warmer they are.

Before I was diagnosed with T1D I had cold hands and feet all the time...even now after T1D. My doctor said it was because of the climate that I grew up in and because I was thin. He said sometimes when people are thin there is not enough epidermis, or thicker outer layer, of skin to insulate the body. He also said that I could be anemic or have poor circulation in my hands and feet. Hope this helps.

Thanks to all the girls and the guys, When I go to the doccter next i am going to ask about it. My mom said that her hands are never cold and her feet always stay warm, And that she dont kown why my feet and hands are always cold.


Apparently alot of diabetics have problems with leg circulation, and that's what I've always blamed my cold feet on!! But, then again, my feet also get very hot in the summer or if I've been standing all day... hope I helped!!