Whitewater Kayaking with New Medtronic 630G?

I am currently in the process of waiting to hear back from Medtronic to start the switch from an OmniPod to either the 630G or 530G. I’ve never had a pump with a tube, so I’m a little concerned. With OmniPod, I’ve never had to worry about the tube or anything. You just put it on, then take it off 3 days later. My family is very active with rock climbing, biking, whitewater kayaking, etc. With kayaking, there is a lot of skin tight neoprene to keep us warm. Are these activities that I will still be able to do with a physical tube being run from the pump to under my gear? I’d love any feedback; especially someone who is or knows a person involved with these kind of things. Thanks!

I wouldn’t worry about it I’ve only used pumps with tubing and I’ve never had any problems. The only time I’ve had issues is when I tuck my shirt and my site is on my arm, and even then I could only feel pulling on the site when my arm was fully extended straight up. Also I should day in 5’11". Also if you are worried about water resistance my trainer used kayaking as an example.

We’re in the same boat, so to speak. My son is a competitive sailor, and I paddle one man canoes. We just recently switched to the 630g, excited to see that it’s waterproof. We have been using lantus for water days, but control is not optimal with subQ injection of lantus. But actually wearing it on the water fitting it under the neoprene and pfd’s is a new challenge. For dinghy sailing, any bulge is likely to get caught. We’re worried about getting the pump ripped away and watching it descend the depths as yet another offering to Neptune. (Many expensive sunglasses have gone this way already.) Not sure if the warranty covers this kind of loss. And yes, the tubing question. I’d say get the longest so you have more maneuvering room for pump placement but tuck it in well. Another concern is the transmitter on the CGM. Paperwork says it’s waterproof for 30 minutes at something like 2 feet. We’re on and in the water for hours. So far so good. After a 45 minute swim, all still worked well. And after two hours of paddling, all was fine - but not much time was spent in the water. I’d love to hear from other watersport athletes.