Pump Suggestions

Hello my fellow diabetic friends - I am in the market for a new pump and looking for suggestions. I am particular drawn to and stuck on the fence between Medtronic 670G and Omni Pod (plus dexcom sensor). I have never used sensors so all of that will be entirely new.

I have solid health insurance so the OOP cost is not a prohibiting factor in this discussion. I simply am looking for the pros and cons of each system.

I have always desired the tubeless lifestyle but I’ve heard stories of adhesive problems; system glitches, etc with OmniPod. On the other side with Medtronic; I’ve been using a pump from there for 5+ years and its now out of warranty and discontinued from assembly. I do not know anyone personally with the 670G so pretty much EVERYTHING there is going to be new to me. I love the integration of auto mode and iuts ability to correct highs and lows through the micro boluses.

Overall - let me have all of your insight and what you think is going to be the best direction. I am a young adult (23) who is relatively active; likes his shares of carbs (edible and liquid) and just looking for the best fit for me.

SOS DIABUDDIES! :slight_smile:

Hi I loved my Omni Pod for the 9 years that I had it (ins. prob now) without all the tubes and wires this was the only way for me to go. way too active to worry about all the excess stuff. Besides the Omni Pods are good up to 25 feet of water, don’t think any of the other ones are. The pod is so little you can put it anywhere. I had a Dexcom CGM also wireless, loved it. Give the Omni Pod a try . you’ll love it. Haven’t found anything I couldn’t do with it. I am trying to get mine back., wish me luck. Bye JAN

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Am pretty happy with my pod. And once you go tubeless, you’ll never go back! Nothing to disconnect or get caught on, just hop in the shower or in the water. No need to keep the wireless PDM with you all the time, only when you’re giving the pod bolus instructions. You can do temporary boluses, suspend or extend insulin delivery, pretty much whatever you need it to do.

Depending on what position you sleep in, you want to experiment on pod placement. I sleep on my side and try to avoid putting my weight on it. Won’t interfere with insulin delivery, just somewhat uncomfortable.

If you’ve never used the Dex, you might want to try it out first before learning how to operate 2 new gadgets at the same time. I have a Dex 5, and it’s mostly accurate but not perfect. I hear the 6 is supposed to be better and supposedly, you don’t need to calibrate with a finger stick at all (the 5 needs once every 12 hours). Don’t know if I’d trust that totally, but then I don’t have one.

Together, these devices give you a lot of freedom. But there are days when I feel like a cyborg, with the Dex and the pod stuck to me and two wireless PDMs to operate them. Need a bigger bag to carry all the stuff with me!

My son was diagnosed in late July. He currently wears a Dexcom G6 and we are exploring pumps. He’s feeling the Omni Pod and is currently wearing the test version of it, but it doesn’t communicate with the CGM like the tSlim does. However I did read the Omni Pod Dash is coming out with Bluetooth technology and other PDM features but it still won’t tie into the CGM. Unless it will have the software update feature like the tSlim and they add the feature at a later date, so it seems a little dated compared to what is out there.

I was at TypeOneNation this month and spoke with the Omnipod representative and they are currently working on integrating the Dexcom G6 with their pumps and it should be available within the next year pending FDA approval. They are also working on a closed loop system and hope to have that out in the next few years.

Our OmniPod is set to arrive today and we signed up to get the Dash when it releases early next year. I believe the Horizon will be their closed loop system and possibly talk directly with a users smart phone instead of a separate device. Also, It would be nice if these pods came pre filled with insulin so it would take a step out of the process and make it a bit easier for the user.