Competitive Sailing with Pump

My son is a competitive dinghy sailor (Laser, 29er, catarmaran). He and I recently switched to the Medtronic 630g and look forward to wearing the pump on the water rather than using Lantus for water days. He is concerned about finding a safe place for the pump. This type of sailing is active, ducking under the boom at tacks, hiking out on a wire, etc. His pfd is form fitting with no pockets. Bulges tend to get caught. Day 1 on his Dexcomm the sensor and transmitter were ripped from his body. We prefer not to sacrifice our new 630g to Neptune. Any experience with wearing a pump on the water? In the old days I’d stick my minimed pump in the bulky sportguard case and wear it in a fanny pack/dry sack around my waist. I managed the 42 mile Molokai Channel crossing like this. But this is not an option for dinghy sailing. No appendages.

Well I don’t participate in water sports but I do live in south texas and spend time outside in the summer and struggled with adhesive issues. For help with adhesive make sure the skin is very clean and very dry before placing dexcom or pump sites. I often use professional grade KT tape over both sites to help keep them taped down (I cut a small hole for the tubing so I can still disconnect my pump when needed). You may also try skin tac, I’m allergic to it but I know a lot of people who love it, it really helps the adhesive to adhere better. I use a skin barrier spray that also happens to be tacky so I think it helps too.

As far as finding a safe place for the pump, I’ve been using Spibelts for years. It’s a zipper pocket on an adjustable elastic belt. They stay in place and work amazing. They have all sorts of pockets and you can even purchase a second pocket for the dexcom receiver. Also I think they have some waterproof liners and stuff for the pockets. I love my spibelt! I got tired of having to unzip the pocket all the time so I now use the pocket as my wallet and glucose gel holder and just clip my dex and pump to the belt. Anyways, here is the website:

Thanks for the tips Mimo!

Did you come up with any ideas for keeping the pump on during water sports?