Which pump is best for blind people?

My friend and I both have had diabetes for over 30 years and have used pumps since they came out. My friend is becoming blind. She has been able to use the Animas pump, but now she needs a new one.

The Medtronic just isn’t working for her. (Frankly, I’d rather go back to shots and finger sticks than use anything made by Medtronic). I’ve used the t-slim in clinical trials and it is clearly solid and well made, and the bolus amounts are super accurate, but it has a touch screen. At least the OmniPod has buttons. I’m not aware of any solution, but I thought I’d ask. It really needs to use tactile buttons and indicate bolus amounts with audible signals. Maybe one has an audio feature I don’t know about… Maybe something’s in the pipeline… Maybe there’s an app …

(One more rant. Blindness is such a prevalent complication of diabetes, so isn’t this a no-brainer? F**k. Every major operating system has a text reading feature. Oh. I know. They can’t make enough money with it. Anyway, if an engineer from Tandem or Insulet is reading this, why for chrissake haven’t you done this? We’re talking 20k people a year becoming blind. I really want to know. Ok. Done.)

I’m glad you brought it up. I’d be interested to know as well. I have vision issues as well. They’re working on it, but I can’t see those little screens to use them. I use the cgm G5 from Dexcom. I can’t use the receiver, but I can use the iPhone app. It has issues to but I can see enough to get around most of the issues at this time. I use the pens for insulin because I can count the clicks for dosage.
I also don’t understand the reasons why they don’t make something for those of us with severe vision issues! It’s too common place for vision to be affected for them not to.
I’ll be”watching” to se if you find out anything!