Animas VS Medtronic

Hi my son is 12 years old and was diagnosed at 6.5 . He’s been on the animas ping since then but now animas is going out of business and customers can switch over to Medtronic. I have been trying to reach them but to no avail. Anyone happy with the Medtronic 630g or 670g? TYIA!

hi @sambat7

you can have my sales rep the will not leave me alone. -jk

How did you reach out if you don’t mind me asking? You can also examine the pod and the t-slim, while they did not get endorsed by J&J (“Animas”) the 2 companies Insulet makes the pod, Tandem Diabetes makes the T-Slim are both decent, and POD has market maturity as well.

I have been using Medtronic since 2005 and its been everything I expected. Plus the company is very strong due to their other pump businesses.

1 phone call is all it took for me to get a medtronic insurance person (who works the insurance BS), and a customer service person who wrote the letter for my endo to sign.

all pumps are basically the same. my advice is always: pick the one you like or the one best covered by insurance.

the medtronic customer service number is 1 (800) 633-8766

good luck!

lol on ur rep!! I tried the number animas gave us in their letter. Tks for the number I will try again. I looked into tslim but it’s still not updated with Dexcom G5 but will still keep it in mind… thanks so much!

If you’re on a Dexcom I recommend you go with the t:slim x2. My son (11y) just started on his, and it’s easy to use and is update capable so that it will be able to auto-adjust like the Medtronic 670. Best wishes.

I just got switched over to the Medtronic 630g from my Minimed Paradigm Veo and found it a lot nicer. I can actually know how long my active insulin is in my body that I never saw before. The only thing I first noticed was that there is no window to see how much insulin you have left in your reservoir. I like the arrow pushing to unlock the pump to deliver my insulin or to change my reservoir. The set up for me is the same with my Quick Set infusion set. I had to be on a waiting list for this pump and I’m glad I have it. I hope this helps.

Hi @VCLZ, I’m happy that you are finding your new 630G a good fit. I was looking at that pump upgrade last week with the Medtronic trainer and would like to upgrade to that model or more prefferably the 670G - but Medicare says that may not be possible.

If you look through the information on your pump I believe you can see the amount of insulin remaining in your reservoir - just as I just hit the “esc” button on my Paradigm and the second line reads “Active Ins: 1.325U”. It is amazing to me how much information this old pump displays.