T-Slim pump

Does anyone have experience with the Tandem T-Slim pump? Since Animas is no longer, I need to switch to a different pump, and am interested in thoughts about the T- Slim.

I recently switched from Animas to T-Slim and I absolutely love my new pump! There are a few simple things that make a huge difference to me- you can type in the number of units and the #'s for calibrating the Dexcom- instead of scrolling. It saves time and makes a difference. I also love the home screen and seeing my blood sugar and insulin on board at all times. There are many reasons I like my new pump. Feel free to ask if you have specific questions.

I am a TID-54 years. I have used insulin pumps for 25-30 years. The pumps have been from many different companies.

I am using the T-slim X2 now. I love my pump. It functions very well, and with the Dexcom G5, it is awesome. As with any medical device, make sure you know how to use it before starting. It will serve you well. Keep your Dr and Tandem in the loop, if you have any issues. Their tech support is very helpful.

Grand advice Mary @FlasH2b, read the User Manual BEFORE beginning using the device. I’ll also point out that there is an app available that simulates the t-Slim so prospective users can practice before receiving and putting the device into use. I have a new device arriving soon, but before I asked the endocrinologist to enter a prescription, I had already downloaded and read a good portion of the 405 page dissertation.
I see on this site many people “complaining” about a really good system for insulin management and it is clear to me that some of these people did not read, or understand, the introduction to the system and its inherent shortcoming.

I’ve been T1D for 53 years but have only used a pump for 5 years and that’s been the T-Slim. I chose it for the intuitive operation and rechargeable battery system.