In the market for a new pump

I am in the market for a new pump. I currently have a Medtronic Paradigm 751. I also have the Dexcom G5. I had a lot of trouble with Medtronic sensors so I switched to Dexcom. I am looking at the Tandem pumps but I have had the Medtronic since 2001 and am nervious about switching. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

@Schmidty558 hi Colby, all of the available pumps are ok, some alarmingly similar to one another. if you do a search on T’slim tslim or tandem (use the magnifier glass icon at the top of the page next to the hamburger icon) you will see a whole bunch of information. I don’t have much else to add bc I am a minimed pumper - but I am replying to bump this back to the top for the folks who missed it. let me know how that search worked out for you as well.

Hi Schmidty558,

It’s been a while since your original post but I wanted to respond with my two cents :slight_smile:. I have been on many insulin pumps including Medtronic, Paradigm, etc. Most recently I spent 8-9 months taking injections because I was fed up with the insulin pump situation. However, now I am on the OmniPod insulin pump system and I would highly recommend you look into it if you have not already selected a new insulin pump system.

In a nutshell it is so user friendly and discreet. There are no tubes, there is no interference and the pods that you put on your body are instantly forgotten about once applied. It is 24/7 delivery of insulin for three days straight. No taking the pumps off for showers, swimming, exercise, etc.

In addition, I wanted to point out that I believe in the coming months (fall to early Winter of 2019) DexCom and the OmniPod system will be a cohesive system. I do not know all the details but I do know there have been great strides towards getting the CGM to work directly with the pump. I could go on for days about how happy I am with my OmniPod system. If you’d like to continue any discussion, I’d be happy to provide more!

Good luck!

I have an Animas Vibe. :sweat_smile: So I will soon be in the same situation as you. It’s a shame Johnson & Johnson has discontinued Animas in North America because I’ve found it all three Animas pumps I’ve had to be fantastic. As an aside, the Vibe syncs with the G4, but for some reason I decided that carrying around ANOTHER device wouldn’t be so bad and opted for G5. I’m glad I did. But, as my endo explained, and economist would agree, less competition out there could mean decreased pump innovation. There was a period of time, I’m told, when Animas and Medtronic were in heated competition with each other, and the modern pumps are largely a result of that rivalry. Again, secondhand info.

However, I wish there were more replies with substantive analysis instead of my rambling BS!

Love my Omni Pod and Omni Pod and Dexcom are working on a combined unit. I have so much tissue damage from injections I can put my Omni Pod anywhere and not worry about tubes or any other attachments, I wear mine on my back, shoulders, where ever. Try an Omni Pod and you won’t go with anything else. Keep me posted. Bye Jan