Which one do you think is better?

heyy guys so im stuck between deciding what job i want.... what one do you think is better writting or singing?

I think both. Go for it. Shoot for the stars. If singing doesn't work out then you can write. I love to sing but I don't think I could do it professionally. I took a vow to not sing anymore anyways. So yeah. I mean the chances of that are like 1 in a 1,000,000 and I probably wouldn't be that 1.

I would definitely choose writing. But that's just my preference. I want to go into journalism, so you really can't ask me for an educated answer. I love writing, though. I like singing, too, but I wouldn't want to make that my career. If I'm a journalist, I can be famous, but behind the scenes. I'm I'm a singer, my life is everyone's life. No thanks.

If you can write and sing why not both? If nothing else as you improve your writing so to speak you can also start the juices flowing for songs to write.