Where do you keep your meters?

I was wondering what all of you do with your meters?  Girls have the convenience of keeping them in their purses, but we don't have that option.  

My pump came with a one touch, but I thought that was just way to bulky to be carrying around.  I currently use a freestyle lite, it fits in my pocket, however, it still makes a nice sized bulge.  I was just wondering if there's a smaller meter out there?  Or do you have a different meter stashed at home, in your car, and at work?   I'm just curious what other guys are doing.

One on my desk at work

One on my nightstand

One (actually, two of different brands) on a kitchen counter


I will tell you this, though -- being diabetic means wearing cargo pants a lot, even cargo shorts to have an extra pocket....

I have a 'European Carryall" (a man purse!?!)  that I use to carry supplies like a meter (a One-Touch Mini), insulin, juice, etc.  I also have a meter by my bedside, one in the car (another Mini), and by our kitchen table.

I only have one meter and I carry it with me in my black Puma shoulder bag. There is also an emergency coca-cola, cook and battery in it. As long as the man who carries the bag is manly enough, the bag looks manly too ;-)

I stuff put everything in that little black case that came with my meter.  2 bottles of insulin, 2 syringes, test strips, meter.  It just fits perfect.  I carry it with me or sometimes I'll leave at home or in the car if I know my blood sugar in level.  Usually when I have a girlfriend, I'll make them put it in their purse.

You guys are going to find this crazy but I kind of made my own kit. I purchased a camera case. One with a belt loop, its for a small camera, black very inconspicuous, durable. I then went to Radioshack and I got a AA battery case for small hobby parts. It comes with a sliding top. I took out the components and wiring and was left with a small plastic box, to carry my test strips instead of that inconvenient bottle they sell them in. It fits quite a few. I have had two meters a true2Go and a one touch. Both of them fit in there. (Obviously not at the same time!). Lastly all of the lancet devices are small so all three items fit. Since I use FlexPens, I keep two extra needles. It all fits into the case and you can wear it on your belt or in your pocket not bigger than a moneyballers wallet. FlexPens go in my pocket with my cellphone or keys and Im good to go!

Disconnect it and leave it in your pants.