Homecoming + diabetes =?

I have no clue what to do with my meter during homecoming this year. I'm considering leaving it in a car but we're carpooling so if I choose limited access then I have no access for 4 hours.

My parents usually pressure me to bring it with me and have it on me at ALL times, as in no other options. But I'm not up for that this year so I've got to figure out something else to do with it?

Hm...personally, I would just leave it in the car, but if you really think you'll need it, the only thing I can think of is to bring a small purse, or maybe even a change purse. If you take the meter, strips, and poker out of the kit, then they should fit in the purse.

Maybe something like these?

I usually just bring a purse... but I don't really want to deal with carrying that around again. I do that every year and it's hard to dance, hang out, etc. when I'm trying to keep track of a pretty important bag.

Since we're carpooling, though, if I leave it in the car I won't have access to my blood sugar for roughly 4 hours. And I've been having these bad lows, 40's and 50's lately, plus dancing.... no clue what it will do to my bg!

hmm...i'm not sure how your homecoming dance works at your school but if your school has a coat check maybe you can leave it there?

Also i heard maybe putting it on a band of some sort? 

I know there's been coat check before at school events, I don't know if they'll have it for homecoming, I didn't pay attention to it last year. But my parents really hate if I check it in, they're so paranoid, I guess they won't know if I do have it or not, but I'd feel so guilty!!

sounds like we have similar problems. theres a school dance coming up on the 29th

to be blunt the best place you can put your meter, if space allows and wont be noticable, is in your bra. you'd have to excuse yourself to the restroom to test. or you could ask your date to put it in his pockets. boys ALWAYS have fairly big pockets.