Weight lifting supplements

Hi -

I’m looking into taking more supplements such as amino acids, preworkout and whey/casein proteins specifically. Has anyone had any experience with this? Any potential bad side effects I should consider?



hi @laurenelisewitt Lauren,

I think you can take additional protein as a pill/powder/or in it’s natural form. IMO, there isn’t really a downside if you make it part of your exercise program, and you are well enough to do the exercises you are doing.

you will probably see ketones (if you test for them) esp if you limit carbs and insulin. Ketones are normal as you begin to convert fat and build muscle, but are a problem if accompanied by very high blood glucose and not enough insulin.

you’ll need a lot of water to metabolize a high protein diet… you might even see long slow blood sugar rises if you are on a very high protein intake. something to watch for maybe. good luck to you.

Hi laurenelisewitt,

I have/am using protein powder(whey), pre start including a pre start with BCAA’s and I’m very careful about making sure it all has little to no sugar, but the extra protein shouldn’t really affect you, probably more so keep you full no matter if your using powder or bars or a combo. I’ve used a few pre starts and I keep trying new ones to of course find the best results and best thing to find out how your reacting test more often before, during and after you take it/working out this will help you find out if the products are best for you.

Hope this helps