My name is Aaron Kloshen. I found out in early 2008 that I had diabetes type 1. Prior to knowing this I use to work out on a regular basis and I took a variety of vitamin supplements, but I stopped because I was scared that during my workouts that I would have some crazy sugar crash. Recently I was approached by a friend to get into product promotion, mainly energy drinks and vitamin supplements. I have been using these products for a little over a month and they have been very diabetic friendly. Very few carbs if any, no sugar, and many of these products do not have any of the chemicals that you would find in most other supplements. My sugar levels don’t seem to be affected one way or another by them. Since I have started taking these products I have been going back to the gym, and I feel that in a way these products have sort of let me have a little bit of my old self back. I am trying to find a way to share some of this information with people like me who are sort of looking for some sort of sense of normalcy in their lives. If anyone could maybe give me some information on ways to help me get to people that might want some more information on these products please let me know.


-Aaron Kloshen

well I would like to hear about these products...i've been lookin for supplements but i was afraid it always had to much sugar....if you want to email it to email is

Aaron I think you hit it right on the head when you mentioned "normalcy", every diabetic wants that (especially newly dx.).  So far the information sounds very promising.  Run it past your nutrionist or diabetic educator, they should know for sure whether or not it is all okay.  I use those no carb energy shots on occasion without a hitch, but that is not a supplement.  Hope that helps, thanks for the idea!

Currently, I'm cycled off of my supplements, but when I was taking them I was stacking 3 of them (all by BSN - NO Xplode, EndoRush, Nitrix) and did not see any adverse changes in my numbers - pre or post workout. For post workout protein I took this stuff called's carb free and did the trick.

Heidi, I checked with my Doctor before using these products, she felt that they should be fine. I really haven’t noticed any negative effects in regards to my glucose readings. If you would like more information about these products shoot me an e-mail at