Video series about T1D and mental illness

Hi Guys,
My name is Somer I am a 21 year old filmmaker living in Puyallup Washington. I decided to start producing a series about T1D and even more so T1D and mental illness (anxiety and depression). I would love to chat with some of you about your personal struggles and how it might relate to mine and also the polar opposite people who have different experiences.
Thank you and happy BGs!

Hi! I’m Abby. :slight_smile: I’m 15 and I’ve had T1 since I was 7. I have anxiety (fairly severe) and depression (mild). I’d love to chat with you! Please feel free to email me at

Hi, I am Luisa, Parent of an 11 year old w/ T1D. I’d be interested in sharing our story and how it has affected all of our family as a whole. Feel free to reach out!

Hi Luisa! I appreciate your willingness to share your families story with me and the parental aspect of things if definitely something I want to address as well. I’m not sure how you’d like to communicate, but my email is, let me know what works best!

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I was diagnosed with type 1 at 28 years old with two girls who were 8 and 4 years old. I was perfect at first but after about a year the reality of my diagnosis sunk in. I gained a lot weight using insulin, and I dealt with that by limiting my insulin and eating anything I wanted. People never knew what I was doing and I was ok with it. I was not worried about a thing. About 6 years ago, I started really suffering with gastropareses and neuropathy and was unable to do my job anymore. At 43 years old I was collecting my social security disability. I started getting very depressed. I have always suffered with anxiety but the depression became crippling. I didn’t leave my house, hell I didn’t take showers or get dressed for days and days at a time. I attempted suicide a couple of times, and when I started seeing things and believing things that are not real I was hospitalized and diagnosed with psychosis. It seems that all of the psych meds affect blood sugar and or kidney function. Cosmic joke. When I am in the psych hospital my diabetes is perfect, because I am not in control of it anymore, and I like that but reality kicks in when I’m at home. I have been hospitalized for dka several times since I lost my job and it is embarrassing. People look at you like it’s not hard to control diabetes and I am yes it is. I’m on a pump again and I hope to avoid dka but my depression and anxiety are a constant struggle. I hate diabetes.

@JanellL hi Janell,

I hate diabetes too. I hope you are getting the help you need. physical trauma such as diabetes and realizing you have lost your good health - can do a real number on us. I can say that for me when I stopped fighting myself, when I accepted I had a disease, that it’s not going way no matter what I wish, and that if I am to live it is up to me, things got better.

I am really sorry to hear you are in a bad spot. please check back in when you can and reach out when you feel bad - a pain shared is half the pain.


I’m April, I’m 24 and have had type one since I was thirteen. I’ve struggled with my mental health for a good chunk of that time, being diagnosed with anxiety and then later depression. I am definitely willing to talk and help out in any way.

Hello Somer! Good idea for a project. I’m 26 and was diagnosed T1D nearly 11 years ago. I’ve had lots of experiences with anxiety and slight depression; it’s amazing how interrelated mental health and blood glucose are. I would be happy to share stories and experiences with you and would love to hear more about the series as it progresses. My email is if you’d like to get in touch.

Joe, you are such a wonderful wealth of knowledge and inspiration. Thank God for people like you. Thank you for taking time to read peoples worries and concerns and replying from the heart.

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Hi Somer! I’ve had T1D for 15 years and have gone through many phases of burnout and depression. If you’re still looking for someone, feel free to email me!

Hi Somer!
I’m older than the other TIDs on your post (38) but I’ve definitely struggled with diabetes and mental illness. I have been diagnosed w/bipolar disorder, anxiety, OCD, anorexia, and major depressive disorder. I would love to talk to you