Looking for some people who understand

Hey, I’m 15 and this is my 10th year living with Type 1. I’ve been struggling with burnout recently and I was hoping some others feel the same way as I do and maybe could give some suggestions with coping.

hi @leala, let me off you a Warm Welcome to TypeOneNation, a place where you will not feel alone.

I know that I had diabetes for 20 years before I met another person with TypeUne with whom I could talk, and during my more than 60 years lifing with this condition I’ve felt burned out many tomes. Right now [finally] I feel comfortable with myself and how I’m living well with this diabetes thinng.

There are many teens here who have formed a community and I expect you will be welcomed into their grouping. You also can find others like you through JDRF Chapters in your area; click on "Events"tab at the top of this page and select “JDRF Near You” fo contact information. In my area, southwest Florida there id a very active teen group and many, many family events.

Hi! I’m Abby; I’m 16 years old and I’ve had T1D since I was 7.
First of all–welcome to TypeOneNation!!! I’m so glad you’ve found this website. It’s a great place to ask and answer questions, and connect with people who know what it’s like to live with T1D.
I’m part of several group chats (Snapchat, email, and texting) with other T1D teens from around the world. I’d love to add you to one of them! Please pm me with your social media or contact info.
I can’t wait to get to know you!

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