Calling all T1Ds

I posted yesterday, but I decided to try again! I’m making a film series about T1D and i’m collecting a compilation of stories. T1Ds, parents, family members, significant others… everyone story is welcome and appreciated!
Thank you

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Hi my name is Brook Im 13 an I have type 1 diabetes and have been diagnosed for almost 2 years now. I’m still in the honey moon faze and it’s a big roller coaster and still is one. No one in my family has type 1 diabetes. I feel like my parents don’t understand what I am going through.
Hope this helped

Hi Brook,
Technically they don’t know what you are going through and that can be isolating. It can still help to try to share your feelings and experiences with them and ask them to just listen - not try to fix things.
Also, see if you can find community online or elsewhere e.g. through your dr.s office or possibly a hospital.
You can always talk to those of us who are T1D’s here.
Stay strong and try to remember bad blood sugars shouldn’t ruin your day. They pass and can always be brought back into range.

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Would love to hear more about your film series. I have had T1D for a very long time and have lot’s of stories. Perhaps we can talk off-line

Hi Somer @somerliketheseason, best wishes for your endeavor. I expect that you wil find many, and different experiences while you are gathering information for your film.
I’ve had diabetes for more than 60 years and experienced many different phases - mental & medical - and participated in studies that have brought diabetes out of the dark ages into the now routine management level. I’d be happy to answer, as best I can, any questions you have.

I strongly suggest that when gathering information from those who respond that you carry on individual discussion and dialog “off-line” such as by using the “Message” feature.

Wonderful words Michelle @michellep. The compassion you offer Brook touched my heart.