Using Dexcom G6, IPhone & Tandem t:slim X2

I just started using the Dexcom G6 with my Tandem t:slim X2. Is there a certain order to pair the Dexcom to my IPhone and t:slim?

The Dexcom paired with my iPhone no problem. However, the Dexcom will not pair with my t:slim. I attempted to use the Dexcom Transmitter ID, but I received an invalid message.

We are about to switch to the tslim and use the g6 as well. The tech support team at dexcom is very helpful. I wish I could help / I’m just curious here to see what sort of responses you get so I’m ready too! Good luck

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Hello everyone,

I found the answer to my question! Dexcom needs to confirm my prescription with my physician. Once confirmed, Dexcom will email the Tandem Update code to me.

I can then enter my transmitter ID. At this point the Dexcom and t:Slim will work together!!!

Look at the YouTube response from medstudent.

You have to also pair it on the pump.

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