Tandem or Omnipod with the g6

My 15yr daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 in August she just started on Dexcom G6 at the beginning of October. We are looking into pumps she has been approved for the Tandem and waiting to here from Omnipod. I just need help, I try to look up the difference between the t-slim and Omnipod but Having troubles I want what works best with the Dexcom can anybody help. Thank you

hi @Newtype1 Wendy,

the new X2 T’slim works directly with the G6, that means, on the pump face you get your CGM data. Also the X2 has “basal IQ” which means the pump can shut itself off if the G6 is working and if the G6 indicates a dangerous trend towards low blood sugar. The Tslim is a “conventional” pump which looks like a “pager” and has a tube which connects the pump to an infusion set which is worn on the body like a band-aid,

the Omnipod is a computer mouse sized object that is glued to your skin. There is no tube, except for what is under the shell. The infusion set is also part of the shell and so you havbe just this one thing glued to you. The Omnipod does not offer direct integration, so you will need a Bluetooth receiver or other receiver to see blood sugar reading from the G6. The Pod will not react to G6 blood sugar reading, so the pod will not stop by itself it you go too low.

here’s an omnipod glued to a body

here is a tslim infusion set glued to a body and the pump clipped to a belt

here’s the G6 CGM stuck to your body

here’s a g6 receiver (don’t need with the tslim)

honestly, each manufacturer shoudl be extremely happy to come to your home and show you this stuff. I urge you to please call them and set up appointments.

good luck

My 10 year old son was diagnosed at the end of July and we are in the same boat. We do have the G6 and it’s been very accurate. We’re leaning towards the Omnipod because he wants a tubeless system. I just wish they weren’t so behind. It looks like they have the Dash coming out in the beginning of the new year and then sometime after that they have the Horizon due out. It looks like the Horizon will do what the tSlim already does. I wonder if you go with the Dash if you will get the “Horizon” update pushed down to the PDM since the Dash will have the Bluetooth pods and the new Android based PDM.

My T1D daughter, dxd at age 6 and now 18 and recently off to college, has used the Omnipod and Dexcom together for the past several years. My advice is simple and straightforward-Go with the Omnipod. As they age and become more independent…the combination of the tubeless Omnipod system with the G6 is invaluable. Active teens (my daughter cheered and did theatre throughout HS) so benefit from no tubing and all that really matters is there ability to see the CGM readings on their phone…We all know teens are rarely without their phones so this is a winning combination!

I was thinking about switching from the T-Slim to the OmniPod a while back, but my biggest concern with the pod was that I might leave the controller (I think it’s called a PDM - Personal Diabetes Manager) at home - it even lose it - and would be stuck. I don’t mind the tubing myself. I usually put my pump in my pocket, clip it to my waistband, or sometimes put it in my cleavage - in any case it doesn’t bother me when I’m active. My insurance covers the Dexcom G5 but not the GYM, but I’m still very happy with seeing my reasons on my pump screen.