Dexcom G6 + android phone + tandem pump?

Hey everyone. I just started on Dexcom G6 and am soon getting trained for my new tandem tslim that I just received. Can anyone tell me if I am able to connect my dexcom to my new pump as well as keeping the app on my phone? Also accepting any tips or hacks for the dex and tslim as well!
Thanks :slight_smile:

@pumpin2-4-7 I am fairly sure you can. I would read the Tslim documents first, in case there is an order to pairing the G6 (for example, pair the g6 to the pump first then the app) @Dennis and @wadawabbit (as well as others here) use the tslim-g6 control iq. .good luck

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I don’t use the Dexcom app but I believe you can use the app on the phone in addition to your pump - the phone simply gives what you may find to be a more convenient way to view your numbers. I do know you canNOT use the handheld receiver and the pump as the receiver at the same time - you have to select one.
As @Joe recommended, read the manual - your trainer is a good resource as well.
As for tips:

  1. Don’t throw away the paper that covers the sensor glue - it has the calibration code (I’ve had to go through the trash to find it - not a pleasant task😫): and
  2. With your pump as your receiver chances are it will be in range - unless you put it in anothwr room while showering. In that case you’ll hear some Out of Range alerts. “Out of place” noises drive me positively crazy so you may want to take it in the bathroom with you. On a related note,
  3. Charging the pump goes fairly quickly - mine takes about a minute for each minute of charge; so I plug in while I’m at my desk, watching TV, lying in bed or while I’m in the car - the car charger or a portable battery work just fine.

You can! You can’t use the Dexcom receiver and another device at the same time, but you absolutely can use the Dexcom G6 app, the Dexcom Clarity app, and the Tandem t:connect app all at the same time, while the pump is also connected to the Dexcom transmitter. They all get up to date data, and the Dexcom G6 app and the Tandem t:connect app automatically upload that data to their respective servers so your doc can see and get reports.

Hi @pumpin2-4-7 , welcome back - it has been a long time since we’ve seen you on the forum.

I should certainly hope that, even before opening your Tandem box that you would read the User Manual. The same applies to your Dexcom sensors - both these manuals have well illustrated descriptions as to connecting to The Tandem t-Slim x2 pump. In fact, if you are going to fully use the pump features, the t-Slim MUST be the principal receiver for Dexcom data readings.

I currently use four phone apps, two Tandem and two Dexcom, on my phone for viewing, and more importantly analysis, of my insulin dosing and overall effective diabetes management.

The only thing to watch out for @pumpin2-4-7 is that the Tandem mobile app is only available if you live in the US, not UK as I am. Just recently found this out today, rather a shame I must say, best of luck with your new gadgets :slight_smile:

I follow Dexcom on my T-slim X2 pump and my android phone. Only issue, connection problems on phone. Sometimes I uninstall, than reinstall Dexcom G6 app on my phone. Sometimes, it resolves on its own.