Type 1, blood sugar at diagnosis

Just curious, what was your blood sugar at diagnosis?  Most get sick with blood sugars in the four hundreds.  My blood sugar was 750 and I was not ill.  It was caught at a check-up doctor visit that I was forced to have (thank goodness) for running track in H.S.  I did have extreme thirst and frequent bathroom visits, but did not feel sick.  I don't recall losing weight, but was always thin.  I was very active that summer before diagnosis, maybe that kept me from going into a coma.  The doctors said that I was about to become very ill.


Mine was 888 with an a1c of 17.3 when I was diagnosed in Feb. I ended up in DKA and a coma. The coma lasted three days. My kidneys were failing so my nephrologist did a half round of dialysis to bring the BG down a little to where my body could fight it. I am happy to say my last kidney blood work was almost normal. The Dr. did not think they would come back that far.

Beings that I was Diagnoed 15 years ago I don't remember what it was but I think it was in the low 500's. I was thinking about his the other day that I remember my parents trying to wake me up one night and they couldn't. Now, I can't help but wonder how close I was to a coma that night. I remember waking up and my parents we're almost in years thinking that something was wrong with me. Which their was we just didn't know what for a little while later. I was thinking about how scary it was waking up and seeing my parents like that.



Wow....888!, I have heard that some are diagnosed with over 1,000 but have never heard that personally from someone.  It is probably rare because you are already very ill in the hospital or in a coma.  I have three children and get worried if I see them or their friends drinking a lot and/or frequent trips to the bathroom.  So far, I have not discovered anyone to have diabetes....some kids just drink more than others.  I don't know if I had an a1c checked, I was diagnosed 29 years ago.  I don't remember that test being mentioned.

The thing that really bugs me is that I had GD in 2006. I was able to control it with diet and exercise. Then suddenly I get Type 1. Just doesn't make sense to me.

Three days before I ended up in the CICU, I had went to my GP who told me basically that I was a hypochondriac because my a1c last year was fine. He did have me do a urinalysis but I did not get the results in time. I was diagnosed at 35, a month b4 my b-day.

O.K..Candi,..so what was your blood sugar at diagnosis of Type I diabetes?  A1c? 

The 888 and 17.3 were my Type 1 numbers.

The 888 and 17.3 were my Type 1 numbers.

when I was diagonesed mine was acctually around 900. But it was around Christmas ( about a week before) so yeah... I gues that explains it .

Sorry, I thought you were another person, my mistake.  So... I hope you changed your GP doctor!

My blood sugar wasnt very high, but I hadn't eaten for about two days.  All I did was sleep.  It was 550ish?  but my a1c was 17.2.

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My blood sugar was 750 and I was not ill. I did have extreme thirst and frequent bathroom visits, but did not feel sick.  I don't recall losing weight, but was always thin.  I was very active that summer before diagnosis, maybe that kept me from going into a coma.  The doctors said that I was about to become very ill.



Wow that is almost exactly like me! I was having the same symptoms as you and was above 600 (idk the exact number).

Definitely! The GP I have now checks everything and had no problem giving me a script for 200 strips a month. He is wonderful.

My a1c was 15.4 at diagnosis, and I had lost a lot of weight.  I currently weigh 180 and that's healthy weight for me.  If you saw me, you probably wouldn't think that I weighed 180 but with that being said I weighed about 140lbs at diagnosis.  Was fatigued all the time, constantly thirsty, and had trouble sleeping due to having to use the restroom throughout the night.  

Mine was 260 at the general practice doctor and 280 (fasting) the next day at the endocrinologist.

Type 1, diagnosed at 18 with mild symptoms: i was super thirsty and had to use the bathroom often. My endo said I was actually still producing insulin (we caught it SUPER early!). I was diagnosed at my pre-college checkup  and shots visit.

All I was told was that I was over 800.


I apparently had been diabetic for months and didn't know it.  I went to a GP complaining about swelling in my joints, and he prescribed steroids which, of course, elevated my glucose and put me in the hospital a couple of days later.  The ER doc apparently told my mom I was too late seeking treament and may not make it....thankfully he was wrong.  When I left the hospital 7 days later I weighed 110 lbs.

I was 13 and one of the children that was diagnosed with a sugar over 1,000... 

I am from PA, in a town about an hour outside of Philadelphia. My family traveled to florida that summer for 3 weeks...starting the worst 3 weeks in my life....lost about 45 pounds and fast, was skin and bones, hair loss, extreme thirst and urination and the whole list of problems...

I can't blame my parents, they took me to the urgent care while there and they said I just had the flu and was sick..--- not the case. My parents didn't know what diabetes was or the signs to diagnose it (no one in my family has it).

Flew back into philadelphia and I remember being hysterical because the pressure on the plane destroyed my body, and just made me feel 100 times worse. I was practically dead, barely could move or talk...totally out of it...loopy...Next day went to the family doctor, checked my sugar and it said 'HI' ... I then got sent to Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia by helicopter...I spent 4 weeks there on the diabetic floor...can't remember the exact sugar but it was over 1,000. Longest and hardest 4 weeks of my life, but I am glad I went through the experience and all the training they were able to give me at the age of 13.


That september, I was able to back to middle school and say hey--- I have icing in my book bag and you don't :-P

Mine was 683.  I didn't have an A1c done because the test wasn't around back then.  I had the usual symptoms. Frequent bathroom visits, lost about 16 lbs in about 2 weeks (odd for a 9 year old).  It was my mom that caught it though, because I was walking around a soccer field in a daze, my dad/coach yelling at me to get moving. In the car on the way home, i drank a gallon of water in the 10 min ride home and my mom knew. My mom got the first appointment in the morning and I was in the hospital a couple hours after that.

From what I remember my mom telling me, my blood sugar was 45mmol/l when i was diagnosed..which is 810mg/dl. highest i've ever been that we're aware of. She took me after I started acting really weird. Apparently a few days before I was diganosed we were at the mall and grabbed lunch. I was so thirsty that at the age of 6 I drank a small coke(which was waaaay more pop than I normally got), because I made such a fuss about being thirsty. Then I continued to whine and try and drink my moms, ended up throwing a fit and my mom took me home instead.

She finally got concerned enough with the thirst, bathroom trips and my behavior changes in such a short time that she took me to the doctor. They tested me right there in the office and then told my mom to rush me off to the ER where the nurses and doctors were waiting for me to do some tests and get me on some insulin.

A few weeks before that, my brother was babysitting me one afternoon and I was playing in my mom's room. Apparently I came running out of her room holding my hands up and screaming "make it stop! make it stop!" my hands were shaking, I was white as a ghost and I was freaking out. I can't remember the rest of the story but my brother somehow got me to calm down and eventually I went back to normal.

My bs was just over 200 when diagnosed at 3 years old.  My father had been diagnosed 4 years prior when he was 31 years old.  He had gotten very sick and they had a difficult time diagnosing him.  At that time my mother became very aware of the symptoms of diabetes.  So when I had gotten a splinter in my thumb that became extremely infected.  She called the peditrician.  He told her to use my father's urine test (this is the old test tube tester with 10 drops of urine/5 drops of water and tablet).  The solution turned green.  I was at Joslin Clinic the next day.