What was your BG when you were diagnosed?

Mine was 408. But it may have been higher, I threw up a lot on the way to the hospital, haha...

I had Carls Jr. Fries & Chicken, then a smoothie. Looking at it now, I would never have that many carbs!

Anyone have any crazy numbers or stories!?

The afternoon I was diagnosed, I'd had a smoothie. We were trying to convince the clinic that referred me to the hospital that my blood sugar was just high from that. Yeah, they didn't buy it :P

I drove myself from the lab where i got my blood tested - 428 - to my dorm room to pick up my computer, clothes, and glasses. While i was there, i ate a popsicle, then drove myself to the ER. The doctor in the lab wanted me to get in an ambulance, but i refused.

Hmmm I don't know what the exact number was but I know that it was in the 600's.  I hadn't been feeling well for a few weeks and I had made an appointment to go see the doctor.  I had written all my symptoms down on a piece of paper.  My husband, who is also a type 1 diabetic, read my symptoms and it clicked what was wrong with me.  He checked my sugar on his meter and it read high, which he later told me meant that my blood sugar was over 500.  He rushed me right to the hospital.  The doctors said that it was good that he had brought me right in otherwise I would've been in much worse shape. 

The meter in the Dr's office would not read it. By the time I was at hospital it was in the 700's.

500s. Not sure specifically.

I'm not sure what mine was. It was in the late 80s, but I do remember them checking it. They wanted me to use an ambulance too, but my mom thought I would get too scared (and being a 5 year old at the time, I'm sure she was right). She drove me to the hospital right away. I know it was really high (really really high) because I had been sick for quite a few weeks, but I'm not sure the exact number. Would be interested to find out!

I was dx on Jun 09 and it was at 311, I was surprise because I didn't expect it at all. i remember that a few days before I had bought a gallon of ice cream and having it at least twice twice a week.

My mom knew I was diabetic before we went to the doctor, she just didn't tell me. She didn't realize how serious it was until I ended up in the ICU. My blood sugar was 857, but I wasn't in ketoacidocis. This past april I got the flu and in one freakin day my blood sugar went up to 1,000 something and I was in ketoacidocis. Yea, not fun.

Oh I almost forgot. I think it's just hilarious how we all had the most carb full foods before diagnoses. I think it was just because I was hungry ALL THE TIME! The sunday before I was dx I had a milkshake and that monday, the day I was dx, I had like 8 cookies. Then McDonalds. And then a bowl of cereal before I went to the hospital lol.

Indeed. I had some sort of Big Gulp (Super, Mega, Ridiculous) size cherry 7-UP. Then, I really felt terrible. The following day is when I was diagnosed. Hadn't that put me so over however I probably would of not been to the Doctor's as soon.

Haha. Yeah, I was diagnosed on Christmas night, so you can imagine what kind of food I ate that day. The huge Christmas meal, and then snacking on all of the baked goods all day put me over the edge, I'm sure.

That night I was throwing up ever 5 minutes and my back hurt so bad that I could barely breathe. My mom took me to the ER, and I swear that I blacked out because all I remember is getting out of the car and leaning on my mom for support, and then I don't remember anything else until I was in a hospital bed in ICU. My mom says I didn't blackout, though, but I still have that gap in my memory that I can't seem to recall. My blood sugar was either 678 or 768, I can never remember which one.


i remember my mammie (grandma) took me to the doctors i can't of been to high because they told me to go home and go to the hospital the next day my mom says maybe because my dad is a nurse they told me not to eat stuff with a lot o carbs not nowing what that was i had a maybe 8inch sub for dinner kinda sounds stupid now but there is no one in my family with diabetes other than me so you now


I guess I had mine for a month or more, and even after like 5 doctors app. they didn't check my sugar so by the time I got to the hospital and they deluted it down to see what it was it was over 1900!

Hi Nicole,

  Mine was 672. I found out I was diabetic in ICU (DKA). I am also a freak of nature as my dx. happened aug. 2008 at age 52.


PS I am also from So. Cal. I went to Edison HS in Huntington Beach, of course a long time ago (Class of  1974) LOL

The exact same thing happened to me. I was eating all the time; I didn't know I had ketoacidocis, at the time..I spent my whole spring break in the hospital ugh...but I really learned my lesson!

Wow, Keith! That's crazy that you were diagnosed at age 52! The latest I've heard of is 35.

My blood sugar was 913 when I got to millwaulkee and I was 10 months old.

Hey, Keith.

So cool! I love Huntington Beach :)

I have family that lives there.

Yeah, I'm class of 2012, haha.

Lena, I found out over spring break to! Weirddd, haha...