Type 1 and intermittent Nausea

My daughter was diagnosed with T1D about 11 years ago. For at least that long, she has suffered from unexplained and unpredictable bouts of nausea. It happens regardless of whether her BG is in range or not. Again, it’s not predictable and not all day long.
She also gets nauseated whenever she has any illness.
Has anyone else experienced this? Is this related to T1D?

I’m no expert, but, maybe others here have heard of this being related to T1D. I’ve never encountered it with mine. I will say that my mother, who does NOT have diabetes gets nauseous whenever she gets anxious. Once she calms down, it goes away. I’d check with her doctor, though, as there are many things that could be the cause.

There’s definitely a stress- related aspect to it. We’ve had K checked out by her many physicians in practically every possible way and no one can come up with a definitive cause. K does have mild gastroparesis but K’s endow doesn’t think the nausea is related.
It seems to me that she is more likely to feel nauseated when she’s hungry but again, it’s not predictable.
How does your mom cope with the nausea/stress issue?

Hi Dani @dsiizuka, there isn’t anything magic in diabetes that will prevent nausea and I’m unaware of diabetes causing nausea except when BGL is extremely elevated - say around 500 mg/dl. In the past 30 or 40 years I’ve only felt nauseous two or three times - I’m now in my seventh decade living with diabetes.

On the other hand, I know several people who DO NOT have diabetes who claim to feel nauseous quite frequently. I’m not an expert, so I suggest that this topic should / MUST be discussed with your daughter’s doctor; my guess is that diabetes should not be considered the culprit for common human frailty.

It is possible to be allergic to certain insulin brands or have symptoms caused by their side effects.
If you have been using one particular brand all this time, you could try asking your Endocrinologist about getting a sample for an alternative brand. Novolog and Humalog are pretty close, there is also a “generic” for Humalog, but I forgot the name. Apidra and Fiasp are options.

Hey I’ve been type one for 36 years. And I do experience being nauseous and puking quite often and I’ve always been told it’s do to the diabetes and the stomach muscles not contracting like they should. as I’ve gotten older it is more frequent. But certains things do tend to make it worse high sugar which is very rare for me I tend to stay low, certain foods especially green leafy vegetables and certain meats I’ll eventually be on liquid diet one day it’s already been suggested, stress and my monthly lady friend. They use to Rx me reglan medicine which has bad side effects and it’s not a medicine u can stay on constantly. I do tend to eat smaller meals I chew my food more than needed so that it helps to digest a little better and I try not to eat after a certain time of night. Drinking plenty of water also helps. Good luck and I pray it gets better I’ve been dealing with it for about 10 years now so I do feel your frustration.

@nicky81, do you mean that you do eat green leafy vegetables and meat or that you don’t?

I try not to eat them. If I do eat them it’s before 6pm or I wake up around 2/3am puking. I really focus on what I eat and when I ate and that does seem help.