Trouble with Dexcom G6 Sharing App

My 9 year old daughter was diagnosed almost a year ago. We got the CGM and was using the receiver for monitoring her BG. We recently got her a cell phone so that her father and I can monitor her while back in school. The problem is I get a no data on the share app with no readings. I look at her phone and on the followers it says no internet when we both clearly do or sharing status ON but im still not getting any readings and she has readings on her phone.
If anyone can help with this I would gladly appreciate. I can’t get anyone when I call Dexcom tech support.

I have a9yr also diagnosed in jan… he is also on the g6. Whenever that happens to us I uninstall the app and reinstall. Usually works, it’s a pain in the rump but it’s worth the piece of mind knowing his levels at school

Thank you so much. I will try

We are constantly having issues with my son’s sharing when he’s at school. We finally figured out that there’s some kind of issue with the WiFi at school and when he turns that off (turning WiFi off completely or forgetting the network and not auto reconnecting) it starts sharing again. I’m not sure why, but that works for us most times. Restarting his phone sometimes helps. Or toggling WiFi and Bluetooth off and on again.

Unrelated to the school issue specifically, make sure there aren’t too many Bluetooth connections active under My Devices on the phone. When I called support they told me this can cause issues and deleting the ones we don’t need did help…and you switch transmitters later on, make sure to forget the old transmitter under the Bluetooth devices.

Hope this helps and good luck!

Thank you. I will try this also.

Daughter is now 16. Diagnosed at 13-1/2. Had CGM G5 and now G6. We have the same issue from time to time. It has no consistent reason (we see). Usually just closing app on our phones (mom and dad) does the trick. But if after rebooting ours we still have no data, she has to close her app and THEN it seems to be alright. But … another but, sometimes she has to reboot. All on iphones and one more thing sometimes they update the app and we don’t know it so now we are on auto update.

Really no rhyme or reason, but to be without it is a no-brainer anymore. It is a miracle device and we rely on it every minute of every day. If she happens to be away from her phone, of course it sends out the no data notification. So we keep trying to instilling her it is important to just communicate with us… Let us know if she knows she’s gonna be away from it, or she’s taking a test, or that she has to reset which takes two hours sometimes. As long as she lets us know, we know what to expect. We love the DEXCOM device and there’s no way that we would do without. Thank God insurance covers it. Well wishes take care all .