Dexcom G4 w/Share

It’s been a while since I’ve been on TypeOneNation – I’m so glad to be back and to see all the great changes.
I do have a CGM – a Dexcom G4 with Share and it’s truly the best tool I have in preventing serious hypoglycemic mishaps.

Is the share really good, convenient and useful??

I have the Dexcom share and I would recommend it. I love the feeling of constant monitoring and that others are able to keep an eye on it. It makes me feel better about sleeping, etc. and knowing that if I don’t wake up, my husband and mother-in-law will!

Just be careful who you share it with because if they are worriers, they could stress you out. It’s a weird thing to get used to, to see 3-24 hrs of dots that will never be perfectly straight.

@allisonhurt - I would also strongly recommend it. We have a toddler so being able to monitor on my phone while I’m at work is such a huge peace of mind.

I went to a training session on the G4/G5 yesterday. It sounds interesting. I have had D for 39 years and am pretty hypo unaware. I think it would help ease the stress for me having a better picture of whats going on BS wise all the time. And for my spouse for when we are driving etc.

Your comment about the Share thing is probably right on. My spouse IS a worrier and a social media/cloud addict. So she’ll probably want to do the share thing but I won’t want her to . She will worry about it and try to micro manage my BS. I can see it would be great for kids, but not for adults so much (or at least me).

I’m awaiting word from Dexcom as to how much it will cost. I’m still on the fence. It sounds cool, but doing that AND still testing frequently doesn’t appeal to me. I do think it could cut down on some testing though like before exercise and driving.

I’m still looking for something to make diabetes care easier. this sounds like it would easier in some ways and not in others.

For those with one, how many times per day do you test besides the twice daily calibrations?