CGM issues

I am the Mom of a 9 y/o diagnosed in November. We have been doing well adjusting to the new normal and have had a CGM as well as a pump for several weeks. Both my husband and I follow her glucose levels on our iphones. As I’m sure everyone has experienced the issue is that she needs to carry her phone on her in order to maintain connection. I feel like I am constantly reminding her to have her phone on her. We have tried different phone holders to keep it in but that hasn’t worked. Even bought a Apple Watch thinking that would alleviate the issue only to discover that you still have to have the phone on you to transmit the data to the watch and our phones. Has anyone else had this issue- any creative solutions other than hounding your child to keep their phone on them…

Sorry Jennifer @CMom I don’t have any thoughts about how to convince a 9 year old girl to keep her phone near enough to her at all times other than to have her ALWAYS wear the belt type pouch that Dexcon distributes and keep her phone in that pouch. Does she carry a backpack and keep it near her most of the time? If so, just put her phone in a pocket of the backpack.

Someday the CGM transmitters, which everyone is trying to make smaller and less obtrusive, will have satellite communications built in. .

Many years ago when I used a Medtronic Pump, I had a Sports Person Holster to wear the pump on my back sort of like a knapsack. take a look at ebay under “smartphone holsters.” Here is one that could be held on with a belt. I also saw one that one could wear over his/her shoulder. I have no children so I don’t know whether a holster would work for a 9 year old, but it’s worth considering!


Hi, I have had diabetes since i was 3 and got a pump and Dexcom in middle school. I discovered this pouch called a SPI belt and i love it. You could get one for your daughter to keep her phone in so she doesn’t forget it. Its not that big but it stretches so it can fit a phone and you can get them for $20 on amazon. They last a really long time ( i have had mine for 5 years) and come in different colors and designs! I wear one to keep my pump in and I tuck it in the inside of my pants so no one has to see it!


Give her like 2 years and she won’t be separated from her phone ever.

It may sound super silly. But find something she really likes and have it on her phone. Books. Music. Netflix. Something. And she’ll keep better track of her phone. But in a few y are this will be the reason you have to ban the phone at the dinner table!