Dexcom 5-Always going out of range

My daughter has been blessed with a CGM. However, we live in a rural area and use iPhone’s to stay in touch with her. Whenever she is out of range, it does not read. I am not the best technologically smart person. I can figure out most things. What am I doing wrong?

hi @SherriK830, the G5 has a transmitter, it sends blood sugar information to the iPhone over “bluetooth”. Just figure that bluetooth is a very weak radio signal. The iPhone then uses a data signal to update your account with blood sugar.

if she doesn’t have the phone on her person, she can roam the classroom but if the bluetooth signal gets weak (distance or big metal objects), it’ll stop uploading data because the phone can’t see the transmitter.

you said rural, if cell phone data coverage is weak, then the phone can intermittently lose data, which will stop updating the account. are there gaps on the iPhone record or on the account? how is the cellular data at and around her school? (you can tell by sitting in her class and watching your cell data signal indicator in your phone) are the teachers making her keep the phone in her backpack or is it on her? I didn’t read enough into the tech specs to see if the phone can store local data and then upload it when it gets a signal, sorry.

if it is data, you might be able to work a deal where the she’s allowed to use the schools’ wifi (if it exists). cant think of anything else right now so good luck.

Thank you! This is very helpful!

Agree with answer above. We spoke to our son’s School IT director and he allowed our son’s phone onto the school’s wifi, greatly improving data. Also sounds silly, but make sure your daughter is keeping the app open on her phone. When our son first got his, he routinely closed all the apps to maintain battery life and didn’t realize the Dexcom app needed to stay open to receive data. Took us a while to figure out what he was doing! Good luck!

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