Tresiba and pregnancy

Hi all!
I’m a type 1 for 20 years and want to get pregnant next year. I am using Humalog, Tresiba and Freestyle Libre, my A1c is 5,6%. The problem is Tresiba was not yet tested in pregnant women, and my doctor thinks it will worse my control to change to an insulin pump, as Tresiba is working so well to me. Has anyone used Tresiba during pregnancy? I would love to meet someone to talk to, to know if everything was fine. Thank you!


I had to switch to Levemir for my current pregnancy. I’m 11 weeks pregnant, and I switched from Tresiba to Levemir right away because of what my doctor recommended. I am splitting the dose half in the morning and half in the evening. It isn’t as good as Tresiba, but I am doing ok! Let me know if you have more questions or if you found out more since your post. Thanks!