Switched from Lantus to Tresiba to Levemir

I was using Lantus for the longest time and found a great balance between taking my once-at-night injection (32 units) and using my fast acting Novolog during the day. Unfortunately I had to switch insurance from Bluecross to Ambetter by Peachstate which has now caused a lot of headache. I’ve had to change my glucose meter but most importantly Lantus was no longer covered so I had to switch my long acting insulin. I tried Tresiba first and had the steepest overnight dips in my blood sugar I’ve ever experienced so that was scary. I decided to change to Levemir as I heard it wasn’t as strong and should distribute evenly throughout the day. My first few days on it were pretty good but now the last two days I’ve had rollercoaster blood sugars. Unexplained highs and lows and I’m having the hardest time getting my sugar to level out. I’m using only 28 units of Levemir at nighttime. I’m also experiencing some side effects like anxiety, tiredness, blurred vision, and irregular heartbeat. Does anyone have experience with Levemir and/or have any recommendations for what I can do?
I’m male, mid 20s, highly active, and eat a pretty good diet. Nothing has changed in my lifestyle from when I was using Lantus to now with Levemir.



@jordancox0107 hi Jordan,

it’s not so much the strength as it is the absorption. long acting insulin isn’t always exactly as described. many people on MDI find that splitting your basal insulin into 2 shots may provide more even distribution over 24 hours. long acting and I never quite got along - I typically shot for a little too much which meant that I would have to add carbs sometimes throughout the day (and not overcorrect) to have better control…and it was the actual reason for switching to a pump. you’ll have better outcomes if you work with a endo or CDE. if you don’t have it please consider the book “Think Like a Pancreas” as a good resource. good luck

With long acting I’m on Lantau I have found much greater success splitting my dose half in morning and half at night. I’m also in Jardiance and a low card diet so rarely have to use humalog to correct.