Which insulin do you use while you're pregnant?

I am pregnant, I have 10 weeks. When I went to my Dr. He suggested me to change my insulin Apidra to humulin R. But I am not sure I will like that insulin because you have to wait 30min to eat. It was my first insulin when I was diagnosed. I would like to know what others insulin are you using while you are pregnant ?
Thank you, Alejandra

Hi @alejandramarquez,

I used Humalog in my insulin pump the entire pregnancy. I am not sure why your doctor would want to switch you from Apidra to Humulin R that seems strange. Did you ask him why?

The only thing I can see why he would want you to take it is so it forces you to take insulin before you eat to help with the post prandial numbers which are very important during pregnancy. Did they give you a target range?

I used Humalog too. Worked really well for me and my son.

Hi Gina and Jenna, Thank you for letting me know. I think I have to call my Dr and ask why he precribed me insulin R instead humalog? I think humalog will be better. I will keep you posted.

Yes let us know what he says! @alejandramarquez

Hi ladies, I talked to my Dr and he suggested me to use novolog. Do you know more about that insulin? I think it is a new one. Do you know someone who used it while pregnant?

Also, I have a worry. I don’t know how much it will be. Money money ??
How much do you pay for your humalog? What is your copay?
Because for my apidra I didn’t pay anything. But for the R insulin, one vial I paid $88 copay. It is so expensive.

Looking forward hearing from you,

Hi Alejandra,
I’m also in early pregnancy. I use novo log in my pump. I’ve only used lantus/novolog and now just novolog since I was diagnosed 8.5 years ago, so can’t really compare it to anything else. I believe that novo nordisk (manufacturer) has a program for uninsured folks-go to the website and look. I had no insurance when I was diagnosed so for those first few months I got it from my doctor for free through their program. That was a while ago but I’m sure they have some sort of discount thing still if you qualify.

I take my bolus about 15 mins before meals to help with the post prandiAl as Gina mentioned. I’m finding since becoming pregnant I have to wait even longer to eat though.

Good luck, let’s keep in touch. Our due dates will probably be close! :slight_smile: