Too much hypoawareness?

Hi family,

New member, really happy to be here as it is too hard to sometimes meet up for the in person JDRF events.
Anyway --I’ve recently had an increased amount of hypoawareness and was wondering about tips and/or similar experiences.

I’ve ‘cracked down’ after my highest A1c ever (7.6) and been testing 10+ times a day to try and keep better control. I’ve been succeeding however have been struggling with “feeling low” at around 80 and 90. This “feeling” is scary and hard NOT to treat, especially before bed. However I know that is a number I want to keep it at. Especially when my last bolus has been more than 2+ hours ago. I struggle!

I’ve got the pump, 10 years with diabetes, and am 28 yo male. :slight_smile:

Hey brother,
What’s happening is your body has grown accustomed to having a glucose between 170-180. Now, when you are dipping below 100, your brain thinks that you have gone below threshold. Books say this will last about two weeks until that low threshold readjusts. However, it may adjust even quicker. Best way to “treat” is to eat a peppermint, or something with very little carb that will raise your sugar just enough to rid yourself of that feeling. Then, over the course of the next couple of weeks, as your blood sugars stay down, you’ll find that you won’t need to do that anymore.

You might want to look into getting a dexcom. It is so much better than testing that many times in a day, and you can have a little more peace of mind by being able to see what your levels are all the time. I just got one a few months ago, and it has really helped me to gain better control. Plus you can download your readings to your computer and see what your average range is, and troubleshoot regular high and low times throughout the day and night. It has tremendously helped me.

I agree @dforem1 if your body is used to 150, 120 will feel low. I would suggest with all that testing… that you “push through it” and not treat for hypo. Your body will figure out your new normal. It is also interesting to me that if you spend a lot of time around 65, you’ll lose hypo awareness enough to be dangerous. if that happens you can shoot for 130 for a week or 2 as well.

also maybe something to talk over with your doctors: anxiety disorders are common and feel exactly like a low. Adrenal disorders are less common but still can happen, and so you could also be dealing with symptoms of another problem. no need to be upset… just information.

good luck,

Hey all,

Thanks for the posts! Yes --in regards to the CGM I don’t think I can handle another device right now. Perhaps definitely in the future though. I’m glad to hear my body will recalibrate per say and hope to bring my A1C back down below 7 now pretty much. In 10 years I’ve never had one above 7.0, so it was concerning. It is certainly frustrating though to struggle with low BGs when trying to “do the right thing” and correct slightly elevated control.

Re: the anxiety, I’ve actually been dealing with some anxiety/panic for first time in my life since November 2014. So I’m aware! Thx! Lots going on right now—grad school, parent’s divorce and my mother getting married, having my first child, diabetes, etc.


To: thewilsons99,
What are you fasting BG readings? 80-90 seems a tad low before bedtime. If you fasting BG is good then your 80-90 at bedtime is ok. If I were that low at bedtime I’d be dead by morning or in a coma. I wish I could get my A1c to 7.6. Mine has been around 9 lately. Also, 80 is the bottom of the threshold. You might want to check with your doctor about your basal rate. That may need tweaking. All the things you are going through right now will have an impact on you BG. Stress is no fun. Good luck!

Just a thought–are you sure that your meter is accurate? One way to be sure is to test your meter’s strip at the same time that you are having your blood tested for an A1C, etc.

Chris my friend, with all that going on you really need to take a look at stress and anxiety. All you need to do now is move to a new house and change jobs and you’ll have the royal flush of stressors.

Relax, breathe, you are doing great.

Hi all!! So my fasting BG, meaning from night time to wake up has been…110,90,60,70,90,99,96,110,90. In regards to my meter—how do I know if it’s calibrated or right? They use to hVe solution but no more. I could check it with the other 4 meters I have??? Haha. Love yall- thanks for the support.

Its hard to tell if the meter you are using is “right” because home meters are generally inaccurate. If you get a reading above 75 your meter can be as much as +/-20% off from reality. Best thing to do is get the longest duration bs average from your meter (or from your notes) and compare it to your a1c from the same time period.