This is my 26-year diagnosis anniversary

Today marks my 26th year of having juvenile diabetes.  I was diagnosed at age three, about to turn four, and now I'm 29, about to turn 30.

So, not only do I feel old, I feel like I'm in pretty dang good shape for having had diabetes this long. I've never passed out from a high; I've never had kidney problems; I've never had vision or nerve damage.

Times have changed, technology has changed.  It's a good time to be diabetic, actually.

okay... if you are old then I am dead =)  so go easy with the "whos old" argument!      Happy anniversary, I suppose, I don't really try to count them myself - you are you own HERO and here's to your dedication and hard work and no days off!

do somerthing nice for yourself ana!  and take care my friend!


Happy D-versary. I am glad you have such a good attitude about it! Here is to a cure on your anniversary!

Yes Ana - I agree completely with you - diabetes technology has certainly changed.  The days of needles meant for a elephant are over <lol>. 

Congratulations on celebrating 26 years - keep up the good work - and enjoy life to the fullest - that's what I do!!!

Psst - are you having a slice of cake to celebrate? Don't forget to give the right amount of insulin <lol> ... only kidding - I'm sure you do exactly that.

Like Joe said, if you're old, then I'm dead. I've had diabetes longer than you've been alive!

Is congratulations the right word? 


I passed 22 years last month, unfortunately I have not fared so well, I have retinopathy and gastroparesis, but I'm still battling on!


Best wishes


Congrats (?) on the no complications factor. That's terrific!

Stay healthy....


24 years and counting...although, I'd like to stop counting.


Im glad things are going good for you :D

Congratulations. It's my 22nd year myself, and I'm very happy with how I've been able to dodge around the 'common problems' that we're always warned are 'typical'.

Sure, I'm no skinny-minny-miller, but I'm 25, moderately healthy, could use a few gym visits due to a little bit of pudge, but I go see an eye doctor (same one since I was 3) every year, get my blood taken every 6 months, see an endocrinologist as necessary, and get nothing but a clean bill of health. It's knowing when that bill of health is getting a little spotty that's the first sign of needing to change the way you look at things, and insight is always vital.

So yeah! It is a good time to be a diabetic. Congratulations again!

Hehe, thanks everyone!  Nooo, Joe, you're not old.  Neither am I.  My diabetes feels old some days, but not I.  :} 

We do the same thing- Every year on my sons D-anniversary, we celebrate too.  I have had some family say, "why celebrate the day he got this awful disease?" But we look at it completely different. We are celebrating his second chance at life, we take that day and make it super special for him to let him know how proud we are of him for being so brave. As you may know, life can get so busy and you dont always find the time to applaud your childrens efforts ( or yourself in your case) at managing this disease, because it is tough! Especially for children.  A little encouragement goes a long ways!  Good for you for doing so well with your management. You should be proud and you should celebrate!

Hey Ana!


Woo!!! Congrats! I've only got about ten years under my belt - it is very cool to see someone with 26 years of life with diabetes doing so well. Thanks for showing us what's possible!




Congrats to you on having zero complications that's wonderful.

 I myself have had diabetes for 25 yrs. and this will also be my 26th year in Nov.

Awesome! I find having a good attitude is so important.  On my 30th birthday I ran my first marathon with diabetes (that was 16 years with diabetes for me).  I'm with you on the no complications thang right now- woo-hoo! Hope we keep it that way!!