‎68 years ago today, age 10, I became a T1 diabetic. Parents made sure I learned about diabetes and to care for myself. Grad from Swarthmore with degree in EE. Worked for GE and Honeywell as computer systems engineer. Rode bicycle as a kid, but gave it up until age 45. It only took me 30 more years to go 100,000 miles on my bike. I have Joslin and Lilly 50-Year Medals, and am in Joslin 50-Year Medalist Study.


Congrats to living well with diabetes! You are a true inspiration to us all!

We are so happy to have you hear, Tom! I always enjoy reading your posts. Congratulations on making it so long with diabetes! :o)

That is great Tom. As a newcomer to this less than a year ago your posts have helped me personally. It also has given me hope that I can live a long life. Thanks!!!

Congrats Tom !  I wish you many more healthy years.