The Pitch - JDRF Episode

Did anyone catch tonight's episode of The Pitch on AMC? Curious what everyone thought.




Resulting Campaign here:

Thanks for posting this.  I like The Pitch but missed the last episode.

The One Less Prick campaign is hilarious but I thought Be the Voice of 1 (type 1 diabetes) was really cool.  I'm glad that was the winner and hope JDRF does something great with the concept.  

I was away went it aired! I wonder if it will be on again.

I didn't hear about the show until AFTER people were talking about watching this episode haha. I am hoping to download it or something so i can watch it =)

I TIVOed this when it came out and finally watched it today.  Here's my take:

I didn't really think either one of them were all that good.  The BeTheVoiceOfOne or whatever is was OK.  JDRF could do some good things with this I would think, maybe.  Plays well to diabetics like us, but JDRF trying to reach a bigger audience to donate.  Just getting diabetics to buy in and donate ain't gonna get it done.

I thought the One Less Prick one was dumb.  I could understand what they were trying to say.  But it was make small incremental changes.  JDRF wants to CURE diabetes, not just make you have to test your blood one less time per day.  Would you even notice that if you were a diabetic?  I don't think I would.  It's not really a reasonable thing to even try to do.  I just don' think they did their homework.  You had to explain it to know what it means.  Not good for slogan.

I hated to see the losing team's guy say the flavor of the group was vanilla.  He just got out schmoozed.  He should have said something at that meeting to try to get better rapport with the JDRF team instead of focusing on flavors.

Interesting show though.  I liked it.