Ignorant Mary diabetes series

I started making these videos earlier in the week.  It's not that I've run out of ideas I just need more because my head is swimming with them and I can't grab them all at once, whats a topic thats important to you?






I just peed my pants watching the one at the office LOL

great videos! 

topic: friends dealing with diagnosis or freaking out at blood and such

These are SO funny!  You should make one where someone is low and she doesn't understand, lol.

Haha Gina

The Super Bowl party was priceless in my opinion. "I forgot diabetes is exactly like herpes." "You are a diabetes Nazi." Thank you. These are great and I will be sharing them with others.

I've already sent the links around to my family.  These are GREAT!!

Very funny...She is so knowledgeable about the D that is scares me.  Jason

Very funny...She is so knowledgeable about the D that it scares me.  Jason

Oh my god!!! my oh my oh my... that's just, that's priceless. I am putting this channel everywhere I can think of. Man I hope you keep them rolling.

Here's one I'd love to see, how about Mary's reaction to Johns having a low blood sugar. Keep it up man!


The next episode is called "Dragons" I'll post it up tomorrow.  I think I'm going to try and post one every other day, there is a lot of material to use as you know.

Hahah these are great! I get "is that a beeper?" all the time so I can definitely relate. I bet if you go to the Juvenation thread about the weird things non-diabetics say to you you'll probably find some good material.

Oh for sure, I've found really good material when I'm stumped on juvenation, tudiabetes, and the wall of the page I run (link to that in my signature)

Here is the latest one:

Ignorant Mary: Dragons e04


What about if she thinks the D is CONTAGIOUS.    TOO Funny!

The dragon one is my favorite so far!

SOOOOOO Funny!!!  MORE!!  MORE!!  MORE!!

"Mister Dizzy" episode 5



I'm gonna take the weekend off to pay attention to other things that I need to attend to, more coming monday.

Dragons is HILARIOUS awesome work

ROFLMBO! These are awesome.

Those are great!!!! Nice work!!