Type 1 Talk

Today was the first ever Type 1 Talk.  Did anyone else host, or participate, in an event?  (I hosted one, and had a handful of people who showed up, too.)  If not, did you tune into the live webcast on your own?

Let's get some feedback on what you thought about the discussion, the panelists, what you'd like to see done for future Type 1 Talk events, and anything else you'd like to share about it!

I caught the last 30 minutes of it on my own computer.  Dug it.  But didn't really get interested until the last portion where they took submitted questions.  The info on non-invasive sugar checks, websites for kids, etc. was actually useful.

They might have done that the first 30 mins too, but if not I think they need to dedicate more time to that. 

And 6UntilMe Kerri seemed like the only real person on the panel haha.  Everyone else was a little too science-y or in presentation mode.  Wish it was a bit more relaxed with less talking point answers from the JDRF'ers.

Ooh, I wanted to watch but I was signed up to volunteer at A's preschool for a fundraiser during the same time. ):

Did they say anything of interest, esp about their art. pancreas project? (I've been so fed up with my BG's the last month, the thought of an art. panc. is the ONLY thing keeping me going!!!! lol)

Ideen - Kerri was my favorite panelist, too.  :)  But Dr. Kowalski comes in a close second...

Sarah - they said that they'd post the webcast online sometime in the next few weeks.  I actually didn't learn anything new about the AP, other than there is already a very early-stage AP approved in Europe.  The fact that I didn't learn much may be attributed to the fact that I tuned into that FDA workshop about it last week, and learned a lot there.