Does Type 1 Diabetes affect a child's rate of teething?  My best friends baby grandson (Dx T1D at 14 months) is just now cutting his first baby teeth (now 20 months old...and just started walking at 18 months)..  My granddaughter is 7 1/2 years old and has only gotten 1 permanent tooth.  Got her baby teeth on schedule, but got T1D when she was 3 1/2 years old.  This has seemed late teething to both us grandmothers, compared to when our kids got teeth.  We would never mention it to their parents, cause they have enough to deal with.  Any thoughts out there?  Seems like there are a LOT of babies and little kids with T1D now.

I don't think so.  I know of several non-diabetic children who got teeth late - my cousin didn't get her first tooth until 22 months.  Your granddaughter is right on schedule (between 6-8yrs is average for the first permanent tooth). 

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I've never heard of that connection either. My adult teeth came in normally. I think there's a range of what's "normal."

My daughter who is not t1, lost all of her teeth pretty early, bt didn't get any permement teeth untill just recently, when she was over 8...and i mean she lost almost  all ofter 8 and still didnt get all of the permenents and she will be 9.  I dont think diabetes plays much of a role.  My younger daughter is almost 6 and has no sign of losing any teeth yet!!

It's an interesting question. Sarah has been having problems with her teeth. The biggest issue with her is losing baby teeth early. She lost two of her upper teeth when she was 6 (one on each side), and the adult teeth STILL haven't come in (she'll be 11 in a month). She had braces to open the gap, and has been wearing a retainer for the last 3 years to hold the space.

Otherwise she has really strong teeth. Even though she's never used toothpaste (she can't handle the flavor), she's never had a cavity.

Anyway, makes you wonder!

all of my adult teeth come in normally i haved to get some pull to make room for my adult teeth to come in.