T1D's in Southeast Louisiana

Hi guys! I’m Chloe. I was diagnosed as a T1D the day after I started high-school and it’s been kind of hard especially in the friend department. So is there anyone in Southern Louisiana who would like to be friends or just have a talking buddy? If so, my email is elizakate2020@gmail.com

hi @chloswanner, you might want to contact the “Southern States” JDRF region https://www.jdrf.org/southernstates/ and see if there is any kind of support such as a walk or bike fundraiser (this could be difficult for a little while longer with covid) that’s probably the best way to meet others near you with T1. There are also a growing number of facebook groups which may be very local to you. - There’s a group that meets in person 5 miles from my house for example)

or you can talk to us =) there are 24,000 registered users here some of us actually talk. whatever works for you!. good luck whatever you decide.

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Chloe, I am a retired school teacher. If we were to meet in person, I would say, “I have two ears and one mouth. I can listen twice as much as I speak.”

Hope this helps.