Support for Parents of children with diabetes

I have grown up with diabetes for almost the last 15 years. Although at times it's really hard to think about my future with diabetes, I worry most about how my parents have coped with my diabetes. I know that they worry about me, but I work really hard [at everything] to reassure them that I will always come out on top. 

I hope that things haven't been too hard for them. I can't imagine being in their place.. 

Ally, it's your parent's JOB to worry about you.  don't' deny them that right.

someday, maybe,  YOU will be a parent and it will be your JOB to worry about your kid.  Then your parent's will be able to laugh at you and spoil their grand kids, it's the circle of life.

As a parent I can tell you that I will always be worried about, or concerned for, my children. It's true that diabetes gives me extra to worry about, but the way my son handles it gives me something extra to be proud of too. I know your parents must be proud of you for having a handle on things. Don't let their worrying worry you because they will worry more and then you feel worse....... :)

Haha, thanks guys :)