Still want me?

Sounds funny, but here goes.

  Aug./08 in ICU, DKA, bs 672, a1c 13.2 and 52 years old dx'ed type 1. Simple enough, here's why I am asking If you still want me??

  For about 3 mos. now I haven't hardly needed any insulin. I have stopped my Lantus and only use Novolg when I eat to keep my numbers really close to normal. At my last Dr. visit I asked for a C-pep test.

  Well here's the results of that blood work. Fasting bs 101, a1c 5.8 and for the weirdest my C-pep came back normal. Yep I have a normal insulin level. Do you still want me on this forum??? They don't think I am type 1 now. I am how ever a brittle diabetic. I can if I don't watch it send my bs through the roof or send it crashing. LOL

 I am applying for Agent Orange with the US Veterans. We'll see!!

 So since it seems I am not a type1. Does everybody still want me on this forum???? It's respect for you people!!! You'all are and have been so nice and wonderful!!!!

Aw Keith -- you've been wonderful on here. I'd love if you stayed!!!

Of course we want you here!

Thank You

I would be sad if you left, Keith. You've been a good friend and great addition here :o)

Keith I would be sad if you left. We want you to stay.

Keith, you have so much to offer, for us to learn, please stay. We're all interested in what's going on with you.


Thanks everyone!!! I'll stay. LOL A little update, I think I may still be type 1, but type 1b

Type 1 B diabetes is also referred to as idiopathic diabetes, or diabetes of unknown origin. This form of type 1 diabetes is not autoimmune in nature, and tests for islet cell antibodies will come up negative. People with type 1 B have an insulin deficiency and can experience ketoacidosis (a high blood sugar emergency), but their need for insulin injections typically waxes and wanes over time.

Sure sounds like me, but what do I know!


Meet with an Endo for the first time, more like a bunch, a whole group!! LOL Found when I was dx'ed they did a GAD test and it was positive, but because of my change in insulin needs and a C-Pep as normal. I can now call my self LADA. In 2 months I am going back for a beta cell funcation test. I am still Type 1!!!!! The weird part is they want to take me off insulin and on to oral meds. I'll just have to be more careful and see if bs control can come from diet and staying active. Wish me luck in this ride called Club 1.